It’s Mercury Retrograde in Astrology – Slow Down & Eat Strawberries

When the Mercury goes retrograde in astrology, our nerves and bodies often need a vacation! (This post was last updated in July 2019.)

Psychics feel this thrice-yearly phenomenon intensely, because it specifically affects our communication, intuition and travel plans. Readers like me rely on our Mercury energy to bring forth information, so a retrograde is a time to slow down and go inwards.

Coincidences are common during this time… For example, I found out that psychic medium Allison Dubois sees repeating 22’s. Repeating number numerology is the focus of my 11:11 clocks research. I was excited to hear that Allison sees 22’s, as this is the number of eternal love. She is all about loyalty and fidelity so perhaps Spirit is using code to say hello.

Then, at a friend’s house, I opened Allison’s book Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye to page 85, which has the line: “Lisa, who is number eleven? I am being shown a sports jersey with the number eleven on the back.” Lisa’s paused and said, “That’s me. I am number eleven…”

Oh boy – that last line made my brain explode. I am a 29/11 lifepath, run a facebook page Lifepath11 and my codeword with Spirit is 11. I have a collection of photos from Spirit, showing all the weird ways 11 has followed me.

So – what can you expect in a Mercury retrograde?

-Feeling scattered, confused or impulsive. I recommend cancelling unnecessary commitments and eating red foods, such as strawberries to ground your Root Chakra. We need Vitamin C to feed our adrenals and turn off our ‘fight or flight’ mode. Eating more root vegetables and organic proteins are beneficial, as is going for a walk outside. Deep breathing will calm you down.

-Unfinished business needs to be finalised (e.g. past relationships, half-written books etc.) You must clean up otherwise you’ll get held back karmically.

-Challenges starting new projects unless you already know the people involved. It’s better to find a job with a company via referral than to join a company you’ve never heard of. Things started in a retrograde don’t always last. Kevin Rudd came back to politics the day of a Mercury retrograde, and his return was extremely short-lived!

-Contracts take longer to finalise, unless they were initiated before the retrograde. If you are buying or renting a house I would avoid doing so within 2 weeks of, or during a Mercury retrograde, if possible. We sometimes miss importany details or get caught out later on. This doesn’t apply if you have been looking at the property for a long time.

-People speak bluntly and tend to argue with you over minor things. They are just frazzled! This is tough to handle if you have a Girdle of Venus (palmistry marking for sensitivity). Remember to give yourself extra cuddles.

-Your plans often need revision. There may be last-minute cancellations at work or delays to flights and transport.

Mercury retrograde IS a good time to take a vacation, you just need to double check bookings or go somewhere you’ve been before. Ideally, pay for your holiday before a retrograde 🙂

-Technology goes wonky. Phones stop working. Calls drop out. Emails go missing. This is not the time to buy new IT equipment if you can help it. See this post for more on Technology Spirit Signs

If you were born under a Mercury retrograde you won’t feel the impact as much as others, but your friends, family and co-workers will still be affected, so be patient.

Blessings of a Mercury retrograde:
-People learn to slow down, and to forgive each other for old hurts. Mercury governs the Fifth or Throat Chakra in the body, which includes the voice, ears and Thyroid. The Fifth Chakra governs speech, metabolism and the pace of change (it’s where we take in new ideas/ energy). Lifepath 5’s often contact me in a Mercury Retrograde, as they have sensitive throats and feel the shift early. Find your lifepath

At times like this, the Universe invites us to finish things, rather than to start them. It’s like a nap after a big meal! Control freaks, you have been warned…there’s no point pushing at this time. You’ll just hit a cosmic brick wall.

-We remember to be humble and have a sense of humour. It’s good to remember that we are subject to Cosmic forces. Even with technology, we still can’t make the Sun rise or the common cold disappear. Going with the flow is the secret to longevity.

-A perfect time to reactivate clients or catch up with friends. If your business relies on new leads, you can avoid a slowdown during Mercury retrograde by contacting your previous customers for repeat visits. That way you will stay nicely busy throughout this period.

-Everyone feels more psychic. During a Mercury retrograde, you will experience coincidences galore, which are a reminder from Spirit that All is Well, Always. 11:11 and repeated number sightings increase as the veil between world thins. Your meditations and dreams may include vivid advice, and people will give you messages and signs. More on predictive/ precognitive dreams

My Mercury retrograde stories:

I look forward to Mercury retrograde because I know how it works, but even I get caught out!

For example:
-I went to Officeworks to do some copying. All 8 computers were broken with their screens blinking. I laughed when the store assistant said ‘we called IT but they can’t figure out what’s wrong?’
-I booked palmistry workshops during a retrograde. The organisers lost my booking. Even better, I forgot to pick up the keys two weeks in a row. I had to teach my students on a park bench!
-My partner’s computer broke down the day that Mercury retrograde started. He didn’t even believe in Astrology.
-My car battery went flat, and couldn’t be recharged (no surprise, I was also sick so Spirit obviously wanted me to rest). As soon as Mercury retrograde ended, it began working again. A few minutes later ‘Let’s Get It Started’ by the Black-Eyed Peas came on the radio. Spirit loves to joke with me.
-I pulled the card ‘let it go’ three times in a row before going to work. Once I arrived, I was told that, due to a double-booking they didn’t need me.So I sat down at a cafe just as a song was just finishing. It’s last line was ‘let it go’. I thought, hm how perfect. Shortly afterwards, the song ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen started playing. Even cooler! It’s good to know that I’m never alone.

To help you plan ahead, I suggest Googling Mercury retrograde dates and adding them to your calendar. Keep in mind that sensitive people feel the effects of this event two to three weeks before and after the event due to a shadowing effect.

I think that God sends Mercury retrogrades to remind people that life is not only logical, but magical. If it all gets a bit much, ask out loud for help e.g. ‘Dear Universe, thank you for reminding me that we are a team. I acknowledge your presence and sense of humour. Please send less chaos and more calm now. Thank you for restoring what I need and helping me to release what I don’t.’ (Breathe in deeply and breathe out any stress). Simple prayers can go a long way.

I wish you the best for this retrograde. Don’t take things personally. There’s nothing to fear. It’s just a chance for us to catch up with our (Higher) selves.

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