True Tales of 11:11 Numerology from The Numbers Queen

It’s been a magical couple of months, with many synchronicities during the Mercury Retrograde and mini-miracles appearing everywhere. God has a great sense of humour! It’s true, the more you celebrate what you have, the more you have to celebrate.

Here are eleven recent stories from The Numbers Queen and
Lifepath 11, my community facebook pages. They are all 100% true, and there’s been no Photoshopping, I promise!

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Caroline Byrd Soulbyrds*Podcast Perfection – Just editing my podcast (coming soon) with Caroline Byrd (see photo). I was surprised to realise that I begin talking about 11:11 clocks
at 11mins 11secs in the recording. I wasn’t keeping track of time, well not consciously…at 22mins 22secs I talk about Master Number lifepaths. Perfect!
Then, at 29mins 11secs (I’m a 29/11 lifepath), I mention that people text me when they see 11:11. It feels like this podcast was co-produced with Spirit.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic RACQ 11:11*Miracle alert! RACQ arrived at 11.11pm to rescue me after my engine malfunctioned. I had rung the operator at 10.15pm and she said they would take an hour. I laughed when I watched the clock tick over from 11.10pm. I knew what was going to happen!

The RACQ’s hotline is 13 1111. Talk about truth in advertising. 11:11 is the code for Spiritual Assistance. The van’s numberplate even had 29 SY in it…my lifepath and initials. Thank you to mechanic Danny (a Master 22/4 name) for his help. Read more licence plate stories.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Nicole Kidman*Service Station Surprise – While filling up fuel, I heard a Spirit voice say ‘Nicole Kidman – having a baby – buy magazine”. Thirty seconds later, I saw this in the shop!! The guy at the shop made fun of me for being psychic (I have a sign on my car). He stopped laughing when I told him what I heard.
It’s all fun and games for the sceptics, until they realise ESP is true. PSYCHIC adds to 38/11. As a Master 11 Lifepath I love the supernatural. P.S The story about Nicole is just theory.
Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic 11:11 Karina Katz SRI

*Love me, Love 11:11 I went for a healing today with Karina Katz. Walked out feeling calm & joyful. Check out Karina’s dashboard this morning. 11:11! She didn’t know I was a 29/11 lifepath until now. I said ‘clearly, my people have been talking to your people!’

Karina is a 27/9 Lifepath (find yours). Words like Leader and Witch have this vibration. It’s associated with advocacy, healing and philanthropy. 9 looks like a head bowed in thought and 9’s are old souls, deep thinkers and natural mentors.

Karina used to run Red Tents for women on the Gold Coast. She still has a yurt at home. What a coincidence, given that my friend Jill Genet runs the Bayside Red Tent in Brisbane. Must be party time!

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic 11:11 Sushi*Yummy Numbers – I sat down for sushi. Out of the 40 seats in the cafe, I randomly picked the one in front of this sign. I only noticed when I called Kris (my soulmate) and looked up. I said, ‘OMG, our two favourite number sequences are here.’ Mine is 1111 and Kris’s is 68 (he grew up at house no. 68). Wow. There are no coincidences.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Hamilton Island Mercury Retrograde*Hello, Spirit – I recently flew from Sydney to Brisbane. Encountered dramas at Sydney airport – my boarding pass wouldn’t load, there were big queues etc. On arrival, the luggage carousel sign was acting up. Hamilton Island suddenly became the centre of the Universe! The good news is that I planned for delays so had a smooth experience. I just meditated instead of stressing.

As I write this, I can hear flights being cancelled. Yup, Mercury Retrograde is in full swing but if you embrace it you’ll be okay.

Sarah Yip Psychic Brisbane 11:11 Nurse*Call the Doctor – She’s got Numbers on the Brain! I went to get tested for Pyrrhole disorder (which I found out I do have). I took number 9, the next person took 10 and as I looked up again here’s what I saw. Yep. 11, my Spirit sign. I’m not a fan of doctors so this was a welcome sight!!
Would you believe it. After this,
I said to the nurse ‘look, it’s my lucky number 11’. She said ‘I always look at the clock at 11:11‘ and we had a chat. That’s two nurses in a fortnight – the last one was an 11 like me!It gets better. As I typed this post, a man quoted his DOB to a nurse. He was ALSO an 29/11 lifepath. What are the chances? There are 38 possible lifepaths on the planet. So I went and talked to him too.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Alison Lee Counsellor Anorexia*Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – To recover from anorexia, I’ve been seeing Alison Lee for counselling since 2012. I knew her name added to 11, as did her business (Heartwork), but never knew her lifepath.

Today I arrived at 11.11am and said ‘Alee, I think you might be an 11.’ She gave me her DOB and guess what, she’s a 29/11 too! Amazing! Whenever I see lots of 11’s around someone, I ask their details. They often have Master Numbers 11,
22 or 33 in their numerology.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic State Library 8 Numerology*God’s in the House – I received good news while sitting at the State Library in Brisbane.

Said out loud ‘Thank you, thy will be done.’ Looked up and saw this symbol of God/ Infinity/8 above my head! Whoa. In numerology, GOD adds to 17/8 (as does Karma).

I believe that God is not a person, but ‘good orderly direction’, as Julia Cameron says in The Artist’s Way (she’s also a 29/11 lifepath). What goes around, comes around – hence the 8. It’s hypnotic.

Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Helicopter*Welcome to Bollywood- I often receive previews of readings before I meet someone. Recently, I went for a helicopter joyride, courtesy of a dear friend Helen. Later that day, I read for a client whose childhood dream was – to be a helicopter pilot!

Imagine her surprise when I told her why I had helmet hair. Being a psychic reader is like being in a Bollywood movie – you never get bored and there is always something to sing and dance about. I still have my ups and downs, but I know my Soul is looking out for me. I feel safe.

*And on that note- here’s my top post to date (with 150+ likes):

Spirit Science Yoda QuoteA dear friend rang me today because they want to quit their job and go overseas. People are telling them they’re crazy. As someone who did just that in 2005 I said just do it.

You didn’t come here to be comfortable, you came here to grow. Leaders respect people who eat risk for breakfast. At the very least you’ll come back stronger.

I went to Thailand not speaking the language and lived for a year without hot water (!) I couldn’t even get to work at first because my Thai was so bad the tuk tuk drivers didn’t understand me. But that year taught me that I could do anything.

And it ultimately led me to open my own business instead of applying to work with the UN permanently. I can look myself and others in the eye now, because I live my truth. Read my bio.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this eclectic roundup of stories on numerology11:11 and the power of faith.
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Mark Pearson on Sunday, 23 August 2015 9:11 PM

Hello. Stumbled upon your site after researching loads of sites related 11:11. Well I’ve had 1000s of occurrences, every conceivable permutation. Thought you might like this. My Dob is 22/7/1966 (uk). That’s 33 and all the other doubles in there lol. My name 4 vowels and 7 consonants is 11. The latitude of my birthplace sums up to 11. I was born at 23:32hrs. I’ve just noticed that by the minute I finish writing this it will be 11:11 lol. Couldn’t have time it better 🙂 11:11

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