May Your Weeds be Wildflowers – A Full Moon Blessing

A blessing for today’s full moon eclipse. May all your weeds be wildflowers. May the parts of you that make you squirm give you joy instead. May the people who annoy you bring you wisdom. May the light that you avoid become your greatest healer.

May the painful words that haunt you give you the first line of a new love song. May the missing links reveal themselves as everything you knew that you knew. May you find peace dwelling at the bottom of your stomach, like a shell that’s drifted calmly down onto a seabed.

Weeds have a 20/2 and Wildflowers have a 56/11/2 numerology. See the word numerology system I use on this page.

So both words impact our 2nd or sacral chakra – sensuality, prosperity and emotional balance. When our 2nd chakra is healthy, we let go of labels and judging to see people, including ourselves in their lush fullness. We embrace our wobble.

When our 2nd chakra is stuck (sitting down too much can cause this!!), we divide the world into good and bad, male and female, thin and fat, rich and poor to the detriment of our lower back, relationships and sense of calm. We either can’t let go of toxins and the past or let go of things too quickly, which can show up as lower gut and fertility issues.

Great ways to balance the 2nd chakra are: hip opening yoga poses, dancing, joyful lovemaking, vocalisation (loose lips, loose hips, stiff neck, sore hips), rest, and surrounding yourself with people (especially women), who are comfortable with their bodies in all ways.

If you have a lot of 2s in your date of birth or in your numerology life path, this post applies to you! Find your life path

Photo: This is a handmade mother of pearl pendant I bought from @divinecreatures (Gold Coast-based creator). I gifted it to Fiona Mcgary after repeating her stand up comedy course in Brisbane. Funny enough, she’s about to write about weeds plus our rehearsal started at 11.11. Stay tuned for my December forecast and next comedy video coming out soon!

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