Happy 41st Birthday to Me – 11 Numerology Facts

Happy birthday to me! Here are 11 fun facts to open your mind:
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1) I was born on 27 Jan 1981, which makes me a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger. At 29, my adult life path turning point, I discovered numerology and ‘birthed’ my purpose. My mum was also 29 when I was born (!) Find your life path

2) My dad was 32 when I arrived. He is a 32/5 life path Rebel. So my birth was his adult life path turning point!

3) My mum AND dad were in 1 personal years, 11 personal months and 11 personal days the day I was born (if you change personal years at the birthday, which I do. Other people change it on 1 Jan, which I find less accurate.) Find your personal year

4) When I was young, my father played a game, where he asked ‘what does 1 + 1 =’? He would spell this out in toothpicks. When I would say ‘2’, he would move the toothpicks and say ‘no, the answer is a window’. My website is now about 11:11 and spiritual awakening.

5) My full name in Chinese (without Sarah) adds to 11.

6) At my childhood life path turning point of 11, I was at Parliament House when a man drove through the doors to kill the NSW Premier (he failed). I went on to work in politics and still do, all things considered.

7) I am twice-exceptional, which means I am gifted and have a learning disability*. Punctuality is challenging for me as I think in spiral, not linear time. See this blog on running late

8 ) Kris Anderson and I met in 2012 when I did his palmistry on a TV show, ‘how to read your lover’s hands’. The video is here (go to 3mins 41sec)

9) We have 3 sons, born 2016 to 2021. I like being an older mum and my psychic training has been helpful. I talked to the boys pre-conception, in utero, during labour and as babies. More on psychic babies

10) I work with 11:11 See’rs, who flip from conventional lives to alternative ones after seeing repeated numbers. Many have training in facts and figures, e.g. I am an enviro scientist. See my Patreon study group and many recorded webinars to get started. I also offer readings.

11) As an 11, I often joke about ‘being double one of a kind’…

Numerology has given me so much confidence and I hope this post will inspire you to learn about your Soul contract, too.

Love, Sarah, Kris, the boys and the 11:11 Angels

P.s. How cute is Ziggy?!

Further post:

Birthday bliss. Had a session with Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing and ‘The Messenger’ flew out of the deck (that’s my life path – a 29/11/2 Spiritual Messenger).

Plus we pulled no.41, which was perfect as I turned 41 today. Unicorns also has a 41/5 numerology (same as Twin Flames).

Kris made us gluten free and dairy free pancakes, which the boys promptly ate (as did I).

And we had Izakaya Midori for lunch. Truly one of my favourite restaurants, so delicious.

It was a quiet day but a good one. I’m entering a 7 personal year of wisdom and retreat so this is probably a sign of things to come. ‘Sanctuary’ is my theme for 2022. It’s time to rest.


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