Spiritual Meaning of Short-sightedness (My 444 story)

Greetings Earthlings, it’s 444 eyes here! I just bought glasses (see 4th pic in the row below) and the price was $444 (a heart chakra healing code!) Well, they say the eyes are the windows to the heart… More on 11:11 and repeating numbers in numerology

What’s the spiritual meaning of short-sightedness (myopia)? Opinions vary but I see (pun intended) it as a sign you tend to focus on what’s in front of you rather than taking in the big picture. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing, it’s all about perspective (pun intended).

I crossed my eyes in a school eye test so I could get glasses like the kids in my gifted and talented class. After that, my vision quickly deteriorated – going to a selective high school where the average leaving score was 99% probably contributed.

On the plus side, my attention to detail and precision made me a phenomenal fundraising manager (I picked up data errors easily) plus it’s a great asset for a numerologist and writer.

On the down side, I can’t see the evening stars like I used to, and I rely on Kris a lot to find my glasses each morning!

I had the opportunity to get laser surgery in my 20s but used the money to do a personal growth course and start my psychic business instead. I figured there was no point seeing clearly if I still hated my future.

There is no shame in wearing glasses, no matter what the bullies say. I actually like being able to ‘turn off’ my eyes when I go swimming or on rollercoasters. Makes me so much more present to my feelings.

My hearing and intuition also skyrocketed, the ‘blinder’ I became. My inner vision has taken me places my outer vision never could. For that I am grateful. Hope you enjoyed this meditative post.

2020 is the year of perfect spiritual vision and leaving the rat race. If you’re wanting more clarity, especially around abundance and work, check out my spiritual money class coming up.

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