11:11 Angels, This is 43 (Happy Birthday to Me)!

11:11 Angels, this is 43! Never thought I’d get here. So many near death experiences and outer failures. But it seems this planet and I are not done yet! Comment on Facebook or Insta

Happy birthday to me/ I’ve turned 43/ And cleared lots of karma/ so my Soul can breathe free…

Here are 11 things I’ve learned:

1) Sometimes, all you can do is inhale, exhale and trust that the next step is being illuminated.

2) When you keep hitting conflict, it’s time to clear the drama in and outside of you. This takes outside help. Holistic counselling saved my life. It could save yours too. More on Caroline Byrd

3) Eat the best food you can afford (thanks Mum). Same goes for water. It’s ok if it’s not all organic, you can still Reiki things and digest them with gratitude.

4) Lying on the beach making sand Angels with your arms and legs will regulate your nerves. Also walking under the stars and magnesium baths by candlelight.

5) When you are frustrated, vocalising and sound healing can help shift the blocks. Whether it’s humming, sighing, groaning, chanting, singing bowls, even karaoke…just get the energy out. More on clearing your throat chakra/ stiff neck/ sore throat.

6) Most people study too much and teach too little. That’s why they are not confident leaders. You only need to be a chapter ahead in the textbook to get the group moving. Learned that from Dad.

7) Every prayer is heard and it’s up to us to meditate to receive the answers. I keep journals of messages. It helps to have a group of intuitive ppl who share insights and wish you well. Check out my Develop Your Intuition replay and Patreon community school.

8) You don’t need stockings. Let your skin breathe.

9) Love is not all mung beans and peace signs. It’s white water rafting in the dark at times, you need a helmet, guides and huge courage. That said, the trip is worth the adrenalin 🙂

10) Having kids is an incentive to wake at 5am (which happened today – Ziggy patted me awake because he’d done a no.2!)

Contrary to opinion, motherhood can heal your body image and sexuality. I’m being serious.

11) Numerology can prove you are a Soul with a plan. Find your life path and discover why you see 11:11

Thanks to all who sent love. I ordered an Omica Organics shower filter (see this post on drinking water and your third eye).


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