555 Numerology Portal on 5 May 2021 – Be Your Own Fairy Godperson

Big feisty 555 energy today. I found it chewy as I have very few 5s in my chart. My natural state is hiding in my shell. I had to remember that a turtle only makes progress when it sticks its neck out!

555 is about throat (5th) chakra healing. Seeing both sides. Stretching like a big-hearted giraffe to reach for higher goals. Blending material and spiritual desires. Being your own Pope /Priest(ess)/ moral authority/ fairy Godperson (5 is the Hierophant in Tarot).

I first wrote about 555 in a blog about domestic violence years ago. It was a story about disarming my drunken ex as he ran down the road with a hunting knife to threaten a taxi driver.

I automatically took the blade off him and sat on it. I’ve always been that brave (and reckless, in a way). I have a St Andrews cross in my palmistry for saving lives, it’s not an easy mark to bear. It means that if my work is not directly helping people in life and death situations, I feel despair.

A lot of the news is talking about similar themes right now. Did you know? 5 life paths or those with strong 5 energy (e.g. lots of N, E, W in their names) often have a fear of being burned or persecuted if they take the spotlight and demand the mic. Find your life path

Their past lives may have involved being a witch, healer, gypsy, traveller or shaman who outraged yet inspired others with their singing, dancing and lust for life.

I have helped a huuuuge number of these people find their voice and go public with their beliefs to access Soul-level freedom.

How can you do this too?

Simple. Talk to someone about repeated numbers this week. You’ll be amazed what an icebreaker it can be. The new children are particularly receptive to numerology.

Btw, the date on my clock is wrong but I left it in because it is funny. 5s love to prank the establishment!

I’m learning to ditch the filters and embrace the chaos of life, like someone with lots of 5s might do.

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