May the 4th be With You – Cute Pics of Ziggy for Star Wars Day 2021

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you. Happy snaps with Grogu from @themandalorian and baby Ziggy. I wore this shirt during his birth at hospital for good luck.

Grogu has a 32/5 vibration, same as Power – he draws people in. 5 is in the centre of the numerology grid, hence why I call 5s the Stars, or centres of attention

It has 29/11/2 numerology, the same as Wisdom, Duality, White, Light and Abundance. Also my life path number.

2 is about sacral chakra healing – healthy partnerships, flow and emotional sharing.

9 is about global or Universal healing – giving back to the planet and galaxy and removing the fear of mortality / ego death.

11 is about being a Spiritual Messenger, opening doors for others and being a bridge betwen cultures and dimensions.

Star Wars teaches us to cooperate with other types (of humans, animals, Spirits) and respect their wisdom, while fighting for justice and fulfilling our mission. Cool huh?


Next post: Happy snaps with Leah Williams, Grogu from @themandalorian and baby Ziggy. Leah is our awesome personal trainer on the Gold Coast (PT) and a 9 life path Old Soul in numerology, like Ziggy.

9s always attract, often pair up, and can help each other to grow, as they are pretty stubborn and not always understood by others. Note the big head on the number!

9s rarely have linear lives or paths to success. They’re so mature in some areas that they can experience sudden fame or unusually big challenges. This helps them to master letting go and teaches others how to ask for help.

If a 9 comes to you in trouble, drop what you are doing because they may not reach out again for years. Trust me, I have read for lots of them but only when they’ve tried everything else (!) Find your life path


Next post: Some advanced numerology fun for Star Wars is below:

11/2: Alderaan, Darth Vader, Force, Lightsaber Leia Organa, Luke, Starseeds, Starship, Star Wars, THX 1138, Wookiee

19/10/1: Jedi (karmic debt number for balancing personal ambition with charity)

33/6: Death Star, Jedi Padawan, Jediism, Knight and Lucasfilm. Adam Driver is a 33/6 life path Master Healer too.

41/5: Jedi Master (the same as Yin Yang and Twin Flames). In 2021 we are all healing our 5 energy and inner rebels.

44/8: The Force (same as Medicine, Commitment, Happiness and Eternity)

66/12/3: Stormtrooper, Grand Master Yoda. Quote “You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

99/18/9: Order 66, the decree that almost wiped our the Jedis. 9 is finality.

Why all the Master Numbers in Star Wars? Well, because it’s probably a true story from another dimension (!)

11/22/33/44 appear when a Universal truth is being revealed. However these powerful energies can be used for healing or harm. To wake you up or break you up.

FYI George Lucas is born 14 May 1944, making him a 28/10/1 Pioneer life path (same vibration as New Age/ Starseed). His DOB gives him a 444 in his grid, which is a strong, vibrant heart chakra.


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