Why do some psychics charge for readings? Shouldn’t it be free?

Why do some psychics charge for readings? Shouldn’t it be free?
After all, it’s a gift right?

Here’s my answer to this question, which could affect the lifespan of your psychic!

If I drive you 100km and you pay me for only 50km fuel, who tops up the tank when you get out?

Me? The next passenger? Angels? And how confusing will that get over time? How much paperwork will I need to keep?

There’s a reason readers get sick (often with heart, immune, weight, even infertility issues) and/ or leave the industry after a few years. I know this from experience. There’s a reason you rarely see us on the news in a positive light.

Part of it is due to persecution by the mainstream. However we contribute to the drama, when we don’t ask for our true value.

Please, pay your psychic what they’re worth, so they can stay longer on the Earth.

Yes – in an ideal world, the village would give us food and shelter in exchange for our healing skills. We could live in quiet temples and focus on self-realisation.

But that is not reality for most psychics. Instead, we are bombarded with bills, pressures and the expectation we are superhuman and never need time off.

It’s a lot like being a mother or carer.

That’s right. People who think psychics should work for free often treat women, their bodies, the planet and their loved ones like eternal slushie machines as well. As power sources instead of partnerships.

As the joke goes, ‘ A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother’.

When you pay a psychic fairly, you keep them in business. You feed their family. They can invest in study. Give to charity.

A reading is like any other conversation with a professional. You get what you pay for. While short, free readings are a great marketing tool, for a truly accurate experience you can rely on, it’s going to cost money.

Our inner sceptic values facts and figures. You will only change your mind when you go deeper. So honour yourself and your psychic. Pay them well and keep it clean.

After all, we represent the part of you that knows anything is possible. Your Divinity.

With love, Sarah & the 11:11 Angels.

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Feedback from Facebook:
Jill Natalia Genet, Red Tent “Sarah, you are a total inspiration and a change maker. Your way of running your business with love, kindness and firm boundaries should be modeled by all (and maybe it will in the future.)

You have effectively created a beautiful way of offering your time, talent and treasures for us to learn, grow and enjoy while supporting a growing family!!

Do you know how rare and incredible that is?!Doing what you love and making a living from it?!? I have admired you for so long my dear friend, I see and appreciate the way you walk in this world so much.
Big love and respect my sister.  

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