Can you receive a psychic reading for someone else? Can a psychic read for themselves?

Can you receive a psychic reading for someone else? Yes you can.

Occasionally, psychics can deliver a message that’s obviously for someone else e.g. a partner, friend, sibling or the person sitting beside someone etc. I’ve seen this happen at mediumship shows.

In many cases, I’ve had clients who ask about others in their readings.

A mother wanting to know if her son is ok.
A couple wanting to meet a baby spirit.
A husband concerned about his wife.
Someone asking about their boss etc.

In these cases, I can pass on information that’s relevant to the person in front of me – that’s ‘their business to know’.

If I sense a block (e.g. I feel numb, get a headache or can’t their calculate life path because the numbers jump around, or the client can’t remember a DOB) I’m honest about that. Even babies can block us, remember they are whole Souls. More on psychic children.

In case it helps, I will ask the Soul involved for permission to read them and promise to use the information for their highest good. I might drink some water or call in higher Guides. If that doesn’t work I’ll focus back on the client and what they can do to resolve things.

Can a psychic read for themselves?

Absolutely. In fact it’s essential they can otherwise they could do a lot of damage to other people’s confidence.

A cook who doesn’t taste their meals is liable to give their diners food poisoning.

As a scientist turned psychic reader, I practice reading myself daily to ensure I am accurate and clear. I pull cards for my energy before readings and do extra meditation and self-healing if anything seems off.

I plan my life with numerology, moon cycles etc. and check my palmistry for health signs and energy in the mornings. See Your 2021 Numerology Forecast webinar for many tips and meditations

That said, some things are not meant to be known in advance, or need to revealed in the presence of a support network.

So I still get readings from others, to keep myself on track, to support colleagues in the industry and to keep learning.

Hope you enjoyed these insights.

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