Join Your 2021 Numerology Forecast – Webinar 3 Jan

Want to make 2021 the year your deepest dreams take flight?

Ready to leave 2020 behind and reclaim your voice? 

Know you’re here for freedom and want to meet your tribe?

See 11:11, 12:12, 12:21, 111, 222, 333, 444 and other repeating numbers?

Then this webinar is for you!

Join Your 2021 Numerology Forecast with Sarah and Kris for $66

Use coupon code EARLYBIRD2021 at the checkout before 24 December Save my spot Days Hours Minutes This class has already taken place, stay tuned for the replay, on sale soon!

Why attend: 2021 is a Universal 5 Year of Radical Freedom and Truth, bringing clearing for our 5th/ throat chakras. With the world in crisis and capitalism (head over heart living) crumbling, now is THE best time to find creative sources of happiness, love, income and spirituality based on 11:11 equality.

What: Online webinar via Zoom call (free login from PC or phone). A video replay will be sent to all attendees. The class will also be sold from my Products page from mid-January.

When: 9.30am – 12pm Brisbane/ AEST time, Sun 3 January 2021. The webinar includes Q&A, breaks and unrecorded sections at the beginning and end for confidential Q&A. Classes often run over (30-60 minutes) as we stay for question time after the call. You are welcome to leave at anytime.

Who: Suitable for ages 16+, no prior knowledge needed. That said, you might like to watch my 2020 Energy Update – 11 Ways to Recover Your Trust as it’s on special for $22 (was $55) and covers the spiritual meaning of COVID-19. I also encourage you to find your life path

Investment: $66 pp earlybird until 24 December (use coupon code EARLYBIRD2021), then $77 if places remain. 

Want to save more? Join our Patreon community from 5 USD a month and attend this class for $55 as well as receiving access to a private Facebook group, regular Q&A with Sarah and other specials. Includes 2.5 hour call plus a recording, bonus tracks and notes package (usually a 60-80 page illustrated PDF). Pay via Paypal or bank transfer (email me for details). 

The class includes a brief welcome, question time (recorded and unrecorded) and group meditations. I keep these webinars affordable so that people from all backgrounds can come. That’s part of the 11:11 way.

Note: Bookings close 5pm AEST on Friday 1 January 2021 to allow me time to prepare and tune into your energy. I look at the lifepaths and personal years of each attendee in advance.

What you will gain from this webinar (topics covered)

Section One
-An introduction to 11:11 and the 4 stages of awakening

–2021’s Numerology, including themes, threats and teachers

-Overview of 2021’s Chinese astrology (Year of the Yin Metal Ox)

-Who will be in the spotlight (Life path 5’s will be activated! Also those with strong 5 numerology in their DOB, names and charts, plus anyone working in innovation, communications, technology, online business, medicine, healing, education and travel.) Find your life path

Section Two
-Tarot and the 5 vibration (special guest Kris Anderson, my husband)

-Brief throat chakra healing tips – see a related post

Section Three
-Month by month energy forecast (Western astrology & numerology tips)
-2021 forecasts by life path – opportunities, challenges and meditations (separate tracks will be provided as part of the class replay package)
-How your personal year interacts with 2021’s energies
-Templates, animal totems and other bonus tips shared on the day

You will not find this combination of info anywhere else as it’s a specific group channelling/ educational event that Kris and I create and run with the assistance of your Spirit Guides and the 11:11 Angels. Don’t miss out on this event. Remember, you get access to the replay and notes if you sign up.

Bookings are now open. Save your spot for $66 by using coupon code EARLYBIRD2021 by 24 December 2020. After then, tickets are $77 if places remain. Want to save more? Join our Patreon community from 5 USD a month and attend this class for $55 as well as receiving access to a private Facebook group, regular Q&A with Sarah and other specials.

In numerology 66 is the vibration of TRANSFORMATION. The goal of this forecast webinar is to shift your focus from mental captivity to ultimate self-leadership. 77 is the vibration of SPIRITUAL TEACHER (see this post on Karmic 14/5 numerology), while the Patreon member price of $55 has the vibration of LIGHTNING, INTEGRITY, MOTHER MARY and NUMEROLOGY. I love numerology because it catalyses forgiveness and self-connection.

Thank you in advance for your incredible support. With love, Sarah, Kris and the 11:11 Guides


Join Your 2021 Numerology Forecast with Sarah and Kris for $66

Use coupon code EARLYBIRD2021 at the checkout before 24 December Save my spot “The energy (in all Sarah’s classes) has been beautiful. I have cried in every one. The meditations are especially soul stirring and are helping me to see myself as more than the person I believed I was. Sarah has a calming voice. I have never really been able to fully immerse myself into meditation before but have found it easier with Sarah every time.” Michelle Henderson Attendee, 2020 Energy Update

“I absolutely loved this webinar! It was jam packed with information and I really enjoyed your meditations, especially the first one with the clearing and cleansing. And all the extra tidbits of information e.g. the difference between intuition and superstition. Your expertise in numerology and passion makes the webinar so fascinating. Thank you!” Marilyn Attendee, Your 2020 Numerology Forecast

“Sarah’s webinar was really different! Each topic was carefully chosen by her inspirationally and the contents touched my heart, so I didn’t need to remember (facts), they just flowed into me. There were so many practical tips. Also clearly individualised information for us. After the workshop, I felt satisfied and refreshed, like I’d had a healing session.” Yumi LyAttendee, 11 Secrets to a Successful Therapy Business

“The class was amazing and really worked. It was jam packed with unique and highly practical tips and a completely different point of view to any other money webinar…(it was) excellent value…I really LOVED the guided meditations! Today (48 hours after the call), I registered a new business name, set up the logo, a temporary website and confirmed my first client on a weekly retainer. First time in nearly 10 years. I also met two excellent coaches. I’m SO pumped. Thank you.” Danielle Neale, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, UNSW EngineeringAttendee, Change for Good – A Spiritual Money Webinar

“Being a father and creative entrepreneur, I’ve learned to use my intuition to grasp solutions for the people in my life…before the class my inner awareness was like a little butter knife…by the end, it had become as sharp as a sword. Sarah (who reminds me of the wise ‘girl next door’) helped me understand the tools that we all have at our disposal that we should explore for the greater good. Her delivery was easy to absorb and I felt a genuine care for everybody taking part. So glad I went ahead, I’m better for it. Great course!’ Nick R.Attendee, Develop Your Intuition and Banish Self-Doubt

2020 Forecast Examples
Check out my weekly forecasts e.g. my 16 December one, which discusses 2021’s themes (see video above). 
Happy 2020! The 11:11 Love is Rising – A Numerology Forecast Preview In my 2020 Forecast webinar I warned against a ‘panic bug’ (!)
Royal Family Numerology Predictions for 2020 – many of my public predictions came true, including Harry leaving the Royal family
97.3FM Interview with Sarah Yip on the U.S. Election – Giant Trump Squid vs Biden Eagles – Who will win?! 

Background Classes (optional – you’ll be offered a chance to buy these at the checkout. Purchases will be emailed within a week.)
Change for Good – A Spiritual Money Webinar
2020 Energy Update – 11 Ways to Recover Your Trust 
Develop Your Intuition and Banish Self-Doubt
All Webinars and Meditations

Please note: 
 full payment is required to save your spot. Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give me 72 hours notice via email of postponement or cancellation. No refund is given for postponement or cancellation within 72 hours of the webinar start date and time, however exceptions may be made at Sarah’s discretion for genuine emergencies (e.g. serious medical issues). In these cases please allow 3-4 weeks for the transfer.

-Please do not turn video on after we have started recording. You’ll also need to mute yourself during the webinar. It’s best to download Zoom  and familiarise yourself with the dashboard (and chat messaging function) before the event.

-This webinar will be sold from my classes page as an online product. Your voice may be heard if you ask a question during the recorded Q&A section. By booking, you agree to hereby release Psychic Readings by Sarah and Sarah Anderson nee Yip from any infringement or violation of personal and/or property rights of any sort whatsoever based upon the use of the recording. If you have any issues with these terms, please let me know asap.

-You will be sent a link to view a recording within 1-2 weeks of the event, barring any technical issues which prevent a recording being made. A copy of the slides will also be sent to you for reference. Thanks for your understanding and I look forwards to seeing you soon.

Connect with us
Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years. For a one-off session, please see Kris Anderson, my psychic husband. We also read together for a 360 degree perspective you’ll love.

Prefer to self-study? Check out my eventsrecorded classes and meditations.

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With best wishes,
Sarah Anderson (nee Sarah Yip)

Professional Psychic and 11:11 Blogger

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