The Meaning of Your House Number in Numerology (updated May 2024)

What does your house number mean? Whether you’re buying or renting, it makes ‘cents’ (and often, big bucks) to check the numerology of a place before you commit to it. After all, it could be a lifetime relationship.

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“I just want to acknowledge that the visualisation you guided me in Nov 2023 proved powerful. The investment unit located in basement level had understandably been difficult to sell. An earlier attempt over a year ago yielded no results. Other than my energy connection, I do not have direct dealings with the sales & marketing. After the visualisation, a solid offer was made by a male person keen to acquire it as it met his exact requirements. A male energy was felt during the visualisation hence it wasn’t surprising when it happened. I may not have received the expected price however, the sale itself was a huge relief for me due to high interest rates. “ Private client

Here are some top tips!

-If you follow the crowd, you’ll get average results. It takes courage to excel. Once you find your life path and fortunate numbers, you can choose jobs, relationships and properties, which truly energise you.

-Modalities like numerology and Feng Shui should be used as a second opinion after you’ve done due diligence.

-House numbers are just the start. In readings, I consider your full chart, street address and numerology of other occupants.

-To find your house number, reduce its address to a digit between 1-9*. E.g. Apartment 34/ 5 Brown Street becomes 3+4+5 = a 12/3 address. *If it adds to 11, 22, 33, 44, do not reduce as it’s a Master Number. This adds spiritual energy and intensity.

-Don’t be scared if you have chosen a Karmic Debt Number (13, 14, 16, 19). This can be healing if you have the number in your chart & love growth.

House Number Meanings in Numerology (please attribute these to Sarah Yip if you quote them)
No. 1 houses promote independence, action and rising from the ashes.
No. 2 houses invite partnerships and patience.
No. 11/2 houses attract entrepreneurs, charity and justice (so they are no good for criminals!)
No. 3 houses bring creativity. ambition and family expansion.
No. 4 houses promote commitment and order.
No. 22/4 houses bring big picture thinking and practical magic.
No. 5 houses offer adventure and change. I often see these up for rent.
No. 6 houses are about family, home biz and community.
No. 33/6 houses can bring miracles and drama.
No. 7 houses are spiritual and encourage you to go deep.
No. 8 houses bring power and responsibility. Super lucky in Asia, but don’t scrimp on repairs or insurance.
No. 44/8 houses can be militaristic places for group success.
No. 9 houses attract humanitarian work and diverse travellers.

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