R.I.P Saltanat Nukenova, A Gifted Astrologer and 32/5 Life Path (Domestic Violence Trigger Warning)

R.I.P Saltanat Nukenova, a gifted astrologer and 32/5 life path Rebel in numerology. Trigger warning: domestic violence. Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts.

In 2023, Saltanat was killed by her husband Kuandyk Bishimbayev, Kazakhstan’s former economy minister.

Her last hours, partly captured on CCTV, were harrowing. Bishimbayev rang his fortune teller instead of calling an ambulance for his unconscious wife.

Born 15 May 1992 (International Day of Families), Saltanat was a 5 life path here to change society and find her voice. Find your life path

She had a Master 11 Destiny name, making her a sensitive and idealistic Spiritual Messenger who attracted the spotlight.

The numbers 911 are strong in her chart and sadly, this was also the date of her untimely passing.

911 is the global healer code in Angel numbers, a wake up call and sign of compassion. I note her brother, Aitbek Amangeldi also references 11:11 in his posts.

I feel her family are lightworkers. Saltanat was known for helping women in difficult situations and had a dream to open a school of astrology.

Her brother said ‘she was always fighting for justice’. Sadly, her husband forbade her from working after they married.

After her death, over 150, 000 people signed a petition to demand law reform in Kazakhstan.

On 15 April 2024, the President announced ‘Saltanat’s Law’ which makes domestic violence a criminal offence. Bishimbayev also received a 24 year jail term.

This is just the start of much needed change. Follow Aitbek Amangeldi’s account on Instagram to support and learn more. Also see Saltanat Foundation on Instagram.

Note: The month of May was also Domestic and Family Violence month in Queensland., Australia

If this article brings up any issues for you, please, call 1800 RESPECT for support from the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service.

555 means there’s more to life than survival. Change takes courage. You deserve freedom!

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