Palmistry Tip! Where to Find Shortsightedness in Your Hands

There’s a classic marking for shortsightedness in the hand. It’s an eye-shaped island in the Heart line. Today’s blog is all about VISION and as usual it’s inspired by real-life events. I’ve just come back from a big weekend with friends at Palm Beach** on the Gold Coast.

During a morning swim I managed to lose my prescription glasses in the ocean. I’ve never had that happen before as I normally keep my head above water but I just got carried away this time. I almost threw up with shock when it happened because I can only see 10cm in front without my specs and I suddenly reverted to being this awkward, blind blubbering heap! Lucky my friends were there to save me. If you’re wondering why I don’t wear contacts it’s because I’ve always used my glasses as a defence against the world, plus I find it creepy to poke my own eyes!

So I ended up spending the day at a lovely organic cafe down the road meeting all these new people (well, meeting their voices at least) I also read for Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst, who is an author and palmist. It must have been a funny sight as I had to hold her hand in front of my nose the whole time.

During the day I had a look at my hands and noticed that, although I have the marking for short-sightedness in my non-writing (left) hand as in the picture above, I DON’T have it in my writing (right) hand. What that means is that I could potentially get rid of my glasses one day as the shortsightedness is only in my genetics (left) hand.

Interestingly, the short-sightedness marking appears under the Apollo, or Ring (creativity) finger on the Heart line, implying that people who wear glasses may have lost sight of their creative passions. I faked an eye test at 10 so I could get glasses and look more intelligent and It was at that moment that I ‘lost my vision’ of the future.

If you wear glasses I invite you to not only look for this marking on your hands but also to consider what you are still too afraid to look at in life? Palmistry is a great tool for self-healing and everything you need to know about yourself is right there in your palms.

**That’s right…I’m a palmist who hang outs with other palmists on Palm Beach…I also ran workshops there!

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Mel on Monday, 4 March 2013 7:11 PM
Nice article, great read. I read an article stating that if your under 30 you read the left hand for males and right hand for females. What are your thoughts on this? look forward to reading more of your work
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Sarah on Thursday, 2 May 2013 12:14 AM
Hi Mel thank you for your feedback – good question…I have come across traditional books saying to read the left hand for females, given that this is the emotional/ subconscious hand and shows a lot about our relationship style. Most palmists believe that the left or non-writing hand shows your personality as a child or before 20 yo. I read both hands for adults, best wishes Sarah

Wassim on Saturday, 17 August 2013 1:06 PM
Thanks Sarah. I am shortsighted and I have this island on my left palm only.

Sarah Yip – Thanks for your feedback Wassim

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