Robin Bailey Sacked From 97.3FM – A Cosmic Blow!

robin-baileyUpdate 7/12/2016: Robin has now moved to Triple M in Brisbane – hooray! Wishing her all the best at her new breakfast show with Marto & Ed.

This morning I was stunned* to discover that Robin Bailey, my favourite radio announcer, was sacked from Brisbane’s 97.3FM yesterday. She had been there for ten years and has thousands of loyal fans. This is devastating news!

Robin is a wounded healer and her departure is a giant blow to all the people who believe in her indefatigable spirit and generosity. See the public statement she’s posted on facebook and the letter Rebecca Sparrow wrote about her legacy. In the past 15 months, Robin has lost her husband and now her long-term job in heartbreaking circumstances. Her life is a compelling reminder that we must ‘live our eulogy’ and never hold back what we have to say. No job is secure, the only safety is personal growth – cultivating lifelong relationships with our selves, our Spirit Guides and families.

Robin is a pioneer we can’t afford to lose
At 9.45am yesterday, I was preparing for an interview with Robin, Terry and Bob (see pic) on the Supermoon, when they were called to a meeting. Today I read in the paper that Robin was fired on the spot and told not to come in this morning. Say it isn’t so! *I’d had a vision of the team breaking up, but was hoping I was wrong.

Robin is one of the most popular personalities in Australian media. Back in 2006 she was one of the first female hosts on commercial breakfast radio. No wonder there are already 1300+ facebook comments on the 97.3FM and Robin, Terry and Bob pages. 95% are supportive of Robin, although there are naysayers too (as you expect in a democracy).

In fundraising, we used to say ‘no complaints, no point’ – some criticism is a good thing as it means you are pushing people out of their comfort zone. You’re either evolving or going extinct, right? We didn’t come here to agree with each other, we’re here to learn from our mistakes and ‘fail forwards’.

Robin’s departure is rightfully creating protest
Robin’s brutal dismissal is triggering people to speak up and protect what they love – this is exactly what the community needs and is totally in tune with the November 14 Supermoon.

Last night, we had a Full Moon in Taurus (‘the bull’ in Astrology). This is the closest the moon has come to Earth in 68 years. The moon represents our feminine side/ mother, dreams and subconscious mind. This is a time to ‘grab the bull by the horns’, ‘take a stand’ and be decisive in pursuing our dreams (including financial goals). It’s also about nurturing yourself and walking away from immature people.

When I pulled a card for Robin’s situation from The Modern Oracle it was Stand your ground/ Be Strong – a matador facing down a bull. Wow. In DISC profile analysis, the bull is a ‘High D’ or dominant person – this can be a ruthless, conservative boss who only values money, power and total control.

Sounds like a lot of people in the media. Although I have not spoken to Robin recently, news reports suggest that her departure was about money and contracts, and that she was not given a chance to negotiate a renewal for 2017 (a Universal 1 Year of beginnings for the planet, incidentally).

97.3FM have made a drastic decision
I feel that 97.3FM’s move to fire Robin, will prove to be short-sighted, as she has surely made millions of dollars in goodwill for them  – to not give her a chance to say goodbye after a decade on the Breakfast Show definitely feels heartless.

The next two weeks are about purging old beliefs and habits (letting go), to allow us many fresh beginnings around the New Moon in Sagittarius on 29 November. I’m hoping this shift will bring better news for Robin (and the rest of us) over the next few months…perhaps a change of lifestyle or role into something more deserving of her passion, sparkle and extreme loyalty.

29/11 is the number of the Spiritual Messenger in numerology – words like CHANGE, WISDOM and LIGHT have this vibration (see the system), so this is a turning point for all of us. Fittingly, 97.3FM also adds 29/11, as does my date of birth. Perhaps this is a sign we’re here to provoke evolution.

What does Robin’s numerology have to do with this? 
Last weekend, Robin had a birthday, and entered her Personal 6 Year of Third Eye Healing and career focus* in numerology.

In our 6 Personal Year, our home life and health become a priority – we’re often needed by family and desire comfort. Changes of residence, relationship and friendship circles are common – some people break up while others make up. I met my fiance Kris when we were in our 6 Personal Year/ 6 Personal Month (read about 6 Soulmate Myths). This is a time of compassion, spirituality and bringing people together. John Lennon was a 6 lifepath, Imagine sums up this energy perfectly.

As I wrote in her profile, “Robin’s birth name adds to a 6, i.e. a visionary, who makes her name opening people’s minds. The number 6 looks like a pregnant woman – think of a mother looking at her child with love…people with 6 Destinies become social workers, teachers, therapists, artists or go into community service…clients from 97.3FM comment that it’s the only radio show they listen to in the mornings, because it makes them feel good.”

When we enter a Personal Year matching our name vibration, changes of mindset and career are highlighted. This is not to say that Robin’s situation was fated (we have free will), but that she was always going to need to consider her options in 2016-2017.

Robin is a gifted teacher and deserves respect
She is a champion of the underdog and mental health causes . Her ongoing support is one of the reasons I have been able to share numerology with two million people (website hits between 2011-2016). I was about to close my business before I met her. I adore her, and she is definitely one of the 11:11 Lightworkers on Earth. Even if you don’t believe in psychics, remember that I’m also a mumpreneur and that Robin’s inspired many women in particular to survive horrible crises.

How many public figures do you know, who are willing to speak out about suicide, single parenting and believing in psychics? Almost none.  See Robin’s interview on her husband’s death. Yet many celebrities I’ve met (politicians, Olympians, entertainers, entrepreneurs) are using manifestation, numerology, healers and clairvoyants etc., they just won’t admit it. Either they want to stay on top, or they are afraid of rejection. This intense secrecy means that people on the street think that trusting your gut is stupid, when it’s actually the only path to freedom. What a recipe for grief.

Cold hard logic is useful at work, but it’s useless in relationships and navigating tragedy. People are not rational when it comes to what they care about. The reason I am so passionate about meditation and following your heart is that it makes you impossible to control.

When you think for yourself, you take responsibility for your success, and heal the planet. When you swallow fear-based news and advertising, you stay a pawn in the powerbrokers’ game. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true. You are the result of your thoughts. Look at the happiest, most inspired people in your life – they’re the ones who don’t back down from their dreams. They’re rather die on their feet than live a life on their knees. Find your lifepath here.

In conclusion
With Donald Trump in the White House, people have discovered the hard way that complacency is as dangerous as fanaticism. Happiness and security are a choice, not a destination. More on that in another blog soon – please note, I’m not a Hillary fan either, I am all for grassroots revolution as we’re seeing at Standing Rock. As I wrote in Robin’s psychic reading this year, “dealing with conflict is part of a 3’s lifepath – they must survive many dark nights of the Soul to find their brilliance. Stars shine brightest in the gloom, and you see a 3’s true nobility under pressure. They have a high pain threshold and thrive in competitive environments.”

Robin is a Queen of the airwaves and taking away her crown doesn’t take away her dignity or influence. People like me will follow her, wherever she goes. Once a leader, always a leader no matter what outfit or shoes you’re wearing. I have no doubt she will come back even better and brighter over the next couple of years, on her terms this time.

Best wishes Robin and thank you for being a superstar – here’s hoping your next chapter brings more love and prosperity than you can ever imagine. This is the storm before the rainbow and the pot of gold, I’m sure of it. Take care Angel. We love you!

PLEASE take a few minutes to:
Write a message of support to Robin on facebook
She may be off-air, but you can still download Robin’s amazing podcasts with Bec Sparrow on forgiveness, grief, sleep deprivation, wellness and other important topics  Thank you!

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