Ziggy’s first Haircut + Thoughts on autism at the Barbers

Spot the middle child! Our family has 4 Aquarians and 1 Virgo (Charlie on the left). The first time he walked, he didn’t wait for me to clap, he applauded himself. Comment on Facebook or Instagram.

As a 21/3 life path Communicator, Charlie is psychic (a Silk skin in palmistry) and tells me when I have ‘toilet brain’ (messy thoughts) or need to breathe.

No surprise that I was taking Angelic essence (part of the White Light Essences Range – see my review) and holding a kid’s toy with ‘3’ on it, the day he was born. Read his birth story

This photo was taken at Ziggy’s first haircut last week at Crinkles Barber Shop in Tweed Heads. The barber quoted $30 but charged $20 because Ziggy sat still the whole time as if he was a model.

Cameron couldn’t believe it. He said a baby had never done that. They usually carry on or run away. I said Ziggy is an Old Soul (9 life path), plus we meditate a lot. Find your life path

(In Ziggy’s ultrasounds, he posed so much the technician kept laughing. My family are photographers, so it makes sense.)

I talked to Cameron about autistic kids and he said it’s hard to watch when their parents push them into getting a cut. Sometimes it’s clear the child has sensory issues but no diagnosis. Argh.

I have autism and recall hating haircuts when young. Many times, hairdressers cut or burned me because I reacted badly to their loud voices and rushing around.

Posting this today 1) because Ziggy looks super cute and 2) to remind you that hair is sacred (our crown chakra). FYI 2023 is a 7 Universal Year of Crown Chakra Healing

When you touch someone’s head it affects their thinking and sense of sovereignty. In Thailand people are super careful about this part of the body. There is a reason why they call our forehead the ‘temples’.

Tip: It’s worth paying more for a sensitive, experienced hairdresser than creating stress for you and your loved ones. Kids remember things more vividly than adults!


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