In Times of Crisis, Think Like A Tree – 11:11 Healing Post

In times of crisis, think like a tree. Grow bigger as a Soul instead of wishing you could be a seed in hiding again. That is the only way to more light and strength. 11:11 means you belong to a forest* of Souls, here to raise the roof.

Go higher,
Go home.

The world is hurting right now. I feel it in every conversation. People are bursting with unspoken grief over the life they no longer recognise.

There is no magic cure for this. All I can say is September 2020 is a 4 Universal Month in a 4 Universal Year. Double heart healing portal. Forgiveness, rebuilding, slow and steady transformation are favoured.

When a tree is hit by a storm, it doesn’t collapse after losing a few branches, even if they are big ones. It focuses on loving what is left and continuing its process of reaching for the sky. We need to do something similar now. Looking down is only going to keep you rooted in anxiety.

Watch the clouds today. Gaze at the stars tonight (a classic Starseed passion). Talk to someone who sees you as a giant, even if you need to talk to a mirror. Something good will come of this ego death, although we can’t define it yet.

The heart is where we quit the habit of needing to know and become open to options. Where we recommit to exploring new worlds even though it’s scary.

Sending love to you this New Moon in Leo.

The fire in you is still there. Breathe it into life again this month.

P.s. This tree lives at a footy field near us (Southport Tigers). It’s last message to me was ‘age becomes you’. I love it so much. Some of you may know I am an environmental scientist who’s a big fan of nature therapy.

*FOREST has an 11 numerology (see the word-number system I use).

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