The 3 Energetic Languages – Logic, Intuition and Psychic Connection

There’s a big difference between logic, intuition and psychic connection. Logic is your conscious mind. It keeps you safe. Intuition is the language of your body and subconscious mind. It helps you to blend feeling with thought and raise your vibration.

Psychic connection involves the superconscious mind, it is the ability to bring through info for yourself AND others from the Universe. To travel through space and time and return with deep wisdoms.

Intuitive and psychic abilities get lumped together but this just results in confusion and stringy interactions. Someone can be a great counsellor, coach or healer (intuitive) yet not able to give you advice about the cosmic energies coming your way (be psychic).

Conversely, someone can be amazing at predicting your future or revealing your past (be psychic) yet lack the ability to explain how they did it (logic) or not have the emotional connection and self-awareness (intuition) needed to truly give you hope and comfort.

This latter situation is the reason I studied Holistic counselling within a year of practicing psychic readings – I knew I needed to work more on myself so I could handle people’s deep feelings and revelations as well as clear energy more effectively for all involved. I also picked up numerology after initially being a palmreader because it is so logical and repeatable.

My words above are not meant to sound judgemental. We all have our quirks we are working on. Hence my previous post on psychic ability (reading skill) versus spiritual maturity (intention and character). Professional psychics focus on continuously developing both traits – walking their talk so to speak.

I was always someone who took the stairs (logical way) until my mind broke. I was a child prodigy with a photographic memory until my late 20s, when mental illness (anorexia/ orthorexia) robbed me of the ability to think or recall. I had to drop out of nutrition studies and eventually, my fulltime management job.

At the same time, my intuition and subconsciousness mind (bodily trust) was totally suppressed. I barely ate or registered what what going on.

That was when my Soul stepped in. For some reason, I could do psychic readings as easily as ever, in fact they continuously brought healing, new Soulmates and abundance into my life (I met my husband Kris on my first TV talk after quitting my 9 to 5). So I followed the only path still open to me.

Over time, my health came back. My memory is starting to return, but only now that I have accepted my spiritual destiny.

It is ok not to have everything perfect at the same time. There can be reasons we have to take the path of least resistance. I would never have become a professional numerologist unless my ego had been sidelined. I was way too focused on being important in the outer world.

It’s experiences like this that give me the heart to guide others through monumental leaps of faith. Just as my relatives left home and swam to another land to escape war, I left behind conformity, security and belonging to be my true self.

Building back from crisis taught me that it is never too late to be who you are. Tomorrow is a new moon for new beginnings. Where do you want to start flying? Your spaceship is waiting for you!


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The difference between logic, intuition and psychic ability explained.

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