Your baby chose you before you were born! A psychic mother’s story

Babies open doorways you never knew were locked. I would do anything for Ziggy (see pic) and he knows it! We chose each other before I was even born… Comment on Facebook or Instagram

As a 6yo, I was sure I’d be a mum but it took 29 more years of human-ing before I had my first son Forrest. We now have 3 boys!

Although I had strong children’s lines in palmistry, I doubted my fitness for motherhood, especially after serious health issues and broken relationships.

Surprisingly, following my passion for psychic work gave me the confidence to have kids. I even met my husband Kris while reading his palm on TV (go to 3min 41sec in the video below).

Developing the abilities to read people, clear energy and work telepathically is brilliant for parents, entrepreneurs and leaders. You just know how to make things happen.

I was able to connect with our kids pre-conception*, during pregnancy and from the moment they were born.

*Forrest told me to hurry up and pointed at his watch, while still in Spirit form. He hasn’t changed since then, I call him time cop.

Their father Kris Anderson is similar, his intuition is beyond spooky. Being married to a fellow psychic and Tarot reader is like living in a Harry Potter movie.

Our self-trust gives us a rapport with the boys and each other that can’t be broken. We talk about past lives, crystals, reincarnation, dreams, Angels, fairies, the works. We all do Reiki (‘sending love’, as the kids say).

The boys go to a progressive school (The Village School Gold Coast) where Spirit-ed kids are welcome.

Hard to believe I was a sceptical, kid-phobic scientist until my 20s. Goes to show that it’s never too late to have a happy, Spirit-led childhood.

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Big thanks to my mentors, especially Caroline Byrd for teaching me so much about psychic development.

Looking forwards to teaching with you on 11 and 12 Nov my amazing Guide!


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