Kids. The Ultimate Cure for Perfectionists.

Kids. The ultimate cure for perfectionists!

This photo (see below) is the result of school holidays + 3 kids under 6 (including a newborn) + about 15 minutes of unsupervised playtime…

I’m posting it so the people who call me Superwoman will go back to calling me Sarah.

Being an actual superhero takes a cast of thousands and gives you lycra rash. As much as I love the compliment, I think it’s good to keep things real too.

Putting me on a pedestal isn’t necessary as I’m already 6ft tall. Just kidding.

I’m also afraid of heights.

They say it’s never too late to have a happy childhood (or a messy one, it seems). I grew up in a house where if you dropped a tissue it was an issue (rhyme intended).

So I am cool with some chaos, especially if it comes when I have been too serious. What a reminder that life is a process of constant creating, cleaning & connecting.

Btw, we cleaned up after this and threw out a bunch of broken toys. Great timing with the new moon today – a cosmic reset.

Love to hear your favourite messy kids stories on the Facebook post.

Child has a 27/9 numerology, the same as School and Empath. Kids can teach us everything we need to know about sensitivity being a gift.

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