Ziggy the Optimist – How you treat your ideas is how you treat your children

Ziggy is an optimist. He thinks he can fit his hand in his mouth! Comes from his parents – we’re both dreamers too.

Growing up, I was told repeatedly I lacked common sense and my ideas were impossible. That I would never succeed.

Yet I rose to the top anyway. Not that the craziness ever stopped. Twice while pregnant, I was told to abort my babies by someone close to me, because I didn’t have enough money in their eyes.

Now I know that people who ‘put you down’ can literally kill your hope and confidence if you let them continue to barrage you. You must protect your love.

I’ve also learned that the money comes when you commit to the child / promise / business goal, not always before!!

The way you treat your ideas is related to how you were nurtured as a child.

Do you hide your ideas, fearing they may get ‘burned’ if you bring them into the light?

Do you let your ideas scatter, hoping someone else will rescue them from danger?

Do you care for them but also accept help, thus creating a village of joy?

Food for thought. Meanwhile, enjoy this cute photo of my impossibly cute dream come true, funded by a life based on an uncommon (sixth) sense. Posting at 9.09am!


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