2yo Ziggy Steals the Show! Anderson Family Improv Debut

Friday funnies! The most awkward (and hilarious) 3 minutes of my parenting life so far. Yup, it’s the video of our debut as The Anderson Family Circus!

Your alternative captions are welcome below. Here’s some I came up with:

-‘Planet Ziggy is a *special* place’
-‘2 kids is 2 kids, but 3 kids is 15’ (from a meme)
-‘Kris saves the day, again’
-‘Run Forrest run’
-‘Watch Ziggy give, I mean, hurl, power to the people’
-‘Riots are our speciality’
-‘Don’t watch this if you’re unsure about having kids’
-‘Do watch this if you want to feel better about your parenting’
-‘Perhaps, giving them juice before the show was a strategic error?!’

If I look a bit stiff on stage, it’s partly fatigue (was a long day) plus I recently had a fall so have had to watch my back. Cheers Radd Peters (The Living Well Studio) for the great physio and chiro on the Gold Coast.

Thanks Blah Blah Blah Improv for the most wonderful night, we love your adult and kids classes! We promise to work on our act a bit more for 2024.

Here’s some lovely feedback from our friend Chezzi Denyer on the Instagram video: “Oh this is EVERYTHING. What a family of stars and little Ziggy stealing the show. How about the yells for encore…I can see it now “The Anderson Family Wizard Show” live on a stage near you!

And thanks Kris Anderson Tarot for the gorgeous kiddies. Love you all.

P.S. True story – I performed stand up comedy while pregnant with Forrest and Ziggy, it’s in their DNA. Watch my previous sets. The latest one is below.


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