Stand-Up Comedy by Sarah Yip – Asians versus Scots at Piggabeen’s Got Talent 2023

Just add Vegemite! My comedy set in Piggabeen’s Got Talent, which includes accents, haggis references and time saving tips on breaking up. This is my first set in almost 3 years. Enjoyed this? Comment on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and I’ll do my best to reply! Thanks in advance.

Disclaimer: I truly love my relatives and being Chinese. After all, what would I do without their business acumen, wit and thick, lustrous hair?!

That’s correct. This comedy is not entirely based in reality. Apart from the bit about tripe. It really is sad to waste tripe.

Thanks to my supporters, including my husband Kris Anderson Tarot, Fiona McGary and Tim Ferguson. Also Ben and Mandy from Blah Blah Blah Improv, who teach myself, Kris and our two older boys improvisational theatre on the Gold Coast.

Well done to the organisers!!

And cheers to our sons, boy did they love this show. Quote from Charlie (6yo) “I wish you left the bit in about poo and snot.”

Audience feedback: “It’s great to have something that’s not just smut.”

My mum’s feedback: “Your Scottish accent was very good but you need to work on your Australian and Chinese accents.” Note: I was born in Australia!!

P.s. It’s bl**dy hard getting back on stage after 3 births. But I did it.

P.p.s I get some words confused, can you blame me? It’s school holidays and I just got my voice back today after a throat bug…phew!!

Filmed by the lovely Sarah, who taught our boys at kindy.

Cute pic of me, Forrest and Charlie below. There were many children in the front row who told me they enjoyed the performance (aww).

11:11 Double Peace Signs to you always.

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