2021 is a 5 Universal Year of Throat Chakra Healing…here are updated energy tips

2021 is a 5 Universal Year of throat chakra healing (radical truth) for Earth in numerology. The energies will be strongest September to December.

Take the chances to:

-stick your neck out and find freedom
-turn heads and heal your sensuality
-deal powerfully with long-term pains in the neck (including ppl or jobs that hurt you)
-build your intuition (inner tuition/ tutor)
-say what you mean without
saying it mean.

Background to this post: I had a wonderful network spinal analysis entrainment with Dr. Lyndall Sundberg yesterday. Went from ‘pulling my hair out’ stress to ‘I’m so calm I don’t recognise myself’ in half in hour.

Since 2012 I’ve had 50 to 60 network sessions at 3 clinics (Infinite Potential Centre, Bianchi Clinic and now Elements Chiropractic in Nerang).

Network is a gentle form of chiro with no cracking. I get a lot of insights on the table, it’s like meditating on turbo power (similar things happen with distance Reiki from Deniz Akan at Dimensional Healing or during a float).

Spine has a 17/8 numerology, the same as God, it is our channel for spiritual messages.

I ‘saw’ my body towing away the ‘broken down cars’ or cells inside me, which were blocking the traffic around my nervous system. Pretty cool.

Well, 5 is all about travel and change…as a child who was practically raised in lock down conditions, I learned to astral travel and dream big early on. I used to make up meditations to go to sleep and banish my fear. For more tips, see my webinar Develop Your Intuition and Banish Self-Doubt

These abilities have helped me throughout my adult life, as I know my way around the realms and how to adjust my frequency to ‘shapeshift’ at work.

Btw if you want to know more about, see 5 Spiritual Causes of a Stiff Neck – Healing the Throat Chakra and Your 2021 Numerology Forecast webinar (currently half price, so $38.50)

Wishing you wellness.

P.s. huge thanks Caroline Watson from Thriving Possibilities for holding Ziggy and your presence!

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Energy tips for when you feel stuck. Fear is the ‘fare’ a leader pays for being the first to do something in their tribe.

I never thought I’d keep myself alive, let alone 3 kids, but here we are, having a circus of a time.

If I can do it, so can you, times 1111. Get moving, your future self is waiting!

True story: Many people have said to me, not jokingly, ‘I don’t know how you are still alive’, including my husband this morning.

I sit on my glasses.
I lose keys.
I forget to eat.
I walk into walls.
I don’t remember names much (although I can recall life paths.)
I struggle with time and being sensitive – even the wrong chair can give me a rash.

And yet, I have survived disasters, illnesses and dramas that would have knocked out many for good.

Plus I have self-trust, Kris, happy kids and a cool business that helps people to understand their lives backwards and forwards with precision.

I think the reason for this is simple, and it’s not just luck. I know myself and what/ who is good for my sanity. I also love saying No, loudly and with feeling. That forcefield allows me to keep the kryptonite away from Superman. See 33 Ways to Say No (and Stay in Your Spiritual Power)

I also eat a fairly clean diet, physically and mentally. Fear has a 21/3 numerology, the same as human (and sugar!) So, it’s normal to feel scared but not to be addicted to feeling scared, if you get my drift.

You ARE the perfect fit for the loving dreams and people that come to you repeatedly, wanting to connect.

But you can only succeed when you get clear on what you want, and when you have a healthy relationship to fear (See Rita Wilson’s TEDx talk).

There are no coincidences, only wishes coming true. Take the leap!


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In numerology, 27 September 2021 was a:

5 Universal year
5 Universal month
5 Universal day

Earth’s next 555 day is in 2030 (!) So if you felt uncomfortable, chaotic, emotionally stretched, rebellious and hyper-sensitive to Spirit, you were perfectly in tune with the planet. All growth requires a trigger!

Me, after 7 days of a double workload I went and had distance Reiki with Deniz Akan. We cleared out more relationship and parallel life trauma in 30mins than I’ve managed to delete over years of personal growth work. Today was truly a huge shift into the next dimension…

A new earth, here we come.

Btw, the word NEW reduces to exactly 555 in numerology!

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