October 2021 Numerology and Energy Forecast – Dreams Can Come True

October 2021 Numerology Forecast. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! The video is also on YouTube.

We are in a 5 Universal year and 15/6 month. A time for new visions, which help us to overcome the fear of failure. 5 is the Hierophant (tradition/ religion) in Tarot, while 15 is The Devil (addiction, selling out and entrapment).

October is a preview of 2022, a 6 year of third eye chakra healing. The tables are turning on the prophets of profits.

Those with 15 or 6 numerology (e.g. 6 and 33/6 life paths), or who see 666 (the code for trusting your sixth sense), will be busy. Find your life path

6+6+6 = 18/9, the vibration of love, so it’s about using kind eyes to find a silver lining. Btw 616 not 666 was the biblical number of the beast. See my blog on 666 numerology.

6 thinks for itself. When you accept that my heaven could be your hell, and vice versa, you’re being an 11:11 Angel.

‘Evil’ backwards is ‘livE’, while ‘She-Devil’ rearranges to ‘She-liveD’. People react when we choose the opposite path. Let them go and laugh all the way to the bank(s of freedom).

After September 2021’s double 5 change energy, October brings partnerships, home improvement and pregnant pauses (6 has a baby or food belly). As the 10th month, October highlights reunions of body (1) and spirit (0), yin and yang.

-Where have you come full circle? Celebrate your success, it is heart-won.
-The third eye includes our insight (inner sight), eyes and brain. What do you feed your mind? I like organic, local produce, because when you eat food with markings, you remember that beauty comes in all forms.

I also prefer spring* or filtered water – see this post on water, intuition and your third eye chakra. *To avoid waste, consider delivery. 6 is eco-conscious.

-Staring at phones makes us ‘look down’ on others. What could you look forwards to instead (Sunrises? Yoga? Art?) Who can you look up to (Your elders? Trees? The sky?) Our third eye loves light.

With Mercury retrograde, expect late changes, prophetic dreams and déjà vu until 18 Oct.

Dates: 6th New moon, 20th/21st Full moon.

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Psychic ability is simply a mother’s protective instincts, passed down generations. You were born with a certain amount and it can be enhanced with effort. Think of it as a spiritual bicep, allowing you to ‘pick up’ unseen info.

Anything that improves your sight, heals your 6th chakra (third eye) too. Consider horizon gazing, sunlight on the forehead, visiting mountains for a bird’s eye view, replacing screens with (nature) scenes and visualisations to plan your future.

Thanks Debbie O Mewes for the psychic biceps concept.

Related post: To me, W.I.T.C.H.E.S are Women (or Wizards). In. Total. Connection with their. Highest. Eternal. Selves.

The word has a Master 33/6 Whistleblower vibration in numerology.

I call 33/6 ‘the big mouth’ (Pelican is a 33/6 animal totem), the Master Healer and a Christ consciousness number. The words Michael and Angelic adds to 33/6 too 🙂

I’m in a 33/6 personal year until my next birthday, and it’s been a doozy. Huge emotions: joy, grief, pleasure and most of all, multiple opportunities to blast the lid off corruption in and outside myself. Find your personal year

6 heals the 6th or third eye chakra (mental health, ESP, community Spirit). October is a 6 energy month bringing a preview of 2022, a 6 energy year.

Words like TRUTH and MAGIC have a 6 vibration, because, well, the truth is we ARE magic.

This post is a shout out to the gutsy, outspoken witches and wizards who have lit the way for me and continue to push me to find my brightest path. See: 7 Signs That You Were a Witch, Wizard or Healer in Your Past Life

It’s inspiring to see how many ones of a kind are out there. 11:11 means, we came here to be free, and we are Starry family.

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