Take it powerfully, not personally – wisdom from the wedding tree (Daisy Hill)

Feeling lost right now? You need to take people’s words powerfully, not personally from now on. As in, choose to find the gold in their feedback rather than the mud.

That’s what the wedding tree said to me. The gum tree behind the bush altar at Daisy Hill Conservation Park that’s seen hundreds of ppl get married.

Backstory: While rewriting my relationship palmistry class this month, many old fears came up.

Am I strong enough to be in an 11:11 Twin Flame marriage? Are my kids sick (with colds) because I work too much? Should I be better at ‘wife-ing’ by now? Is my neurodivergence ever going to get easier to navigate?

These plotholes led me into a rough time with the Aries full moon last week. I felt I was burning with unexpressed desires to be free of guilt and censorship.

So I prayed. Specifically, I drove to Brisbane where Kris and I married in 2017 and I walked down the aisle to re-commit to my purpose as a Master 11 (don’t shoot the) Spiritual Messenger. Find your life path

I believe that my relationship with my life path sets the tone for every other connection I have.

I remembered singing ‘Your Song’ to Kris as I approached him, weeping through my makeup into the mic. I based it on the Ellie Goulding version.

I stood where we kissed and hugged. Where we chose each other in front of our family and kids (Forrest was 1, Charlie was in utero).

It was so cathartic. Then I asked the Spirits and the wedding tree for help.

Things have been better since then. I had some huge upgrades to my psychic powers and Kris and I have been making plans for new adventures in 2022. My Irwin family article is also coming out.

There is so much we can learn from nature. Trees grow tall not just through growing. They are pulled up by the stars and skies.

Allow yourself to surge upwards now, into the new worlds coming. 2022 is about extended family healing and opening the third eye.

P.S. my relationship palmistry class Love is Always in Your Hands is on 6 Nov 2021 if you’d like to learn to read your lover’s hands and your own, earlybird tickets available until 1 Nov.

Here’s a lovely video of our 2017 wedding to round this off.

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