What’s Your Australian Animal Totem in Numerology?

What’s your Australian Animal Totem in numerology? Add your DOB left to right, then reduce to a number between 1-9, 11, 22, 33. For example, 10/1/2006 = 10 = 1. This is your lifepath and lucky number.

FYI, I wrote this post for my social media pages after the animals came to me in Spirit! Makes sense, as my original training was in Environmental Science. I love any opportunity to blend my passions for conservation and spirituality. I’m a Cockatoo, for the record.

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Lifepath 1 (Action) – Kangaroo
1s are movers and shakers
Lifepath 2 (Peace) – Wombat
2s are quiet achievers with hidden gifts – they can stop and crush predators with their butts!
Lifepath 3 (Expression) – Emu
3s are proud and forward thinking
Lifepath 4 (Love) – Koala
4s are patient and affectionate
Lifepath 5 (Daring) – Kookaburra
5s are rebellious and intuitive
Lifepath 6 (Vision) – Turtle
6s are wise and see what others miss
Lifepath 7 (Truth) – Cassowary
7s stand out and raise the vibration
Lifepath 8 (Strength) – Echidna
8s are resilient and unbeatable
Lifepath 9 (Leadership) – Tassie Devil
9s are dedicated and fierce protectors
Lifepath 11 (Double Action) – Cockatoo
11s are full of bright insights and energy
Lifepath 22 (Double Peace) – Possum
22s teach community responsibility
Lifepath 33 (Double Expression) – Magpie
33s attract attention for worthy causes

See my lifepath-specific blog posts on Find Your Lifepath, this page also has the word analysis system I’ve used. I encourage you to Google your animal totem to learn more. Drawing them or seeing them live in nature or a well managed zoo could also help you to connect with their vibration.

I welcome your comments on what resonates. Remember, our greatest fear holds the key to our purpose. I’ve chosen critters which may trigger some people, because our shadow side is just as valuable as our positive qualities. Another list is coming soon with Australian marine creatures.

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