Worst Psychic Reading Ever? My Latest Refund Story

What a day. Beautiful walk then received a message claiming (Kris and) I did the ‘worst reading’ someone had ever paid for. I refunded them immediately, even though they did the entire 1.5 hour call with us (and left Kris sick to his guts).

Warning sign was as soon as I opened the call I had to leave a minute later with a suffocating cough. We found out later that this (ex) client misrepresented themselves to appear more ‘spiritual’ and like us.

In hindsight, it was a stretch to finish the session. I guess we persevered, partly because we specially booked a babysitter outside our usual hours to cater for this person, plus they were one of my favourite life path numbers .

Although this episode has been physically distressing, we learned a lot about hidden psychic attack and I’ve got healings booked this and next week to replenish.

( 4 July Update – I’m feeling better now after a Family Constellation-style clearing with a 33 Life Path, Maxi (the same life path as the ex-client), Reiki with Caroline Byrd and a Tarot reading and mentoring call with Vicki Haspels. I’ll also be having a reading with Leanne the Barefoot Medium soon. Kris is on the mend, after doing a clearing on himself re: black magic)

Moral of the story: the body knows more than the mind. Trust your first reactions.

This tree whispered to me today that standing out brings all kinds of attention but it’s also part of building a dynasty. I honour its intelligence.

I also saw wallabies today (here is my blog on their spiritual meaning and Master 22/4 numerology) plus 711 (which I have also blogged on) and 22 everywhere I went.

Signs for leaps of faith, learning through trial and error and a need to invest in relationships with helpful women.

Must be Spirit getting me ready for my next class on mother healing (coming on 24 July, bookings open soon).

Fall down seven times, get up eight.


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Quote “Sarah I only know you from your Conscious Life Events talk on the Sunshine Coast. I was so impressed with your total devotion/passion and authenticity as well as the most enthusiastic and entertaining person I have ever seen on the stage. I will always remember how much time you spent finishing off readings (much to the organiser’s frustration as they were hoping you could nick off asap, so everyone could go home).

You were offering your expertise at no cost but still very kind, patient and extremely happy to share your knowledge with others. There ABSOLUTELY should be more of you and Chris in the world and please don’t let that persons lack of respect/gratitude and negativity affect you in any way. KEEP BEING YOU, we love and appreciate you.” Kath Donohue. Thanks Kath!

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