Why Cooking is Like Numerology – My Healing Vegetable Soup

Cooking is like numerology and creating relationships. Know your ingredients and the process is easy. Some flavours work, others need support to combine.

COOKING has a 38/11/2 numerology, the same as ENERGY, HEALING and PSYCHIC. See the word numerology system I use. After a day of palmistry and cake I made this vegetable stew and it’s so moreish.

Homegrown potatoes/ organic market carrots/ cauliflower/ broccoli/ zucchini /corn/ leek and onion, sauteed in coconut oil then boiled with veggie stock. Part pureed and topped with roasted almond slivers, dill and vegan cheeze.

Tips: Don’t add too much liquid, you want the soup to be thick. Also, add the zucchini, corn and broccoli towards the end to avoid overcooking. This dish is gluten free, dairy free, very light yet filling.

I could not cook to save my life until my 20’s, when I realised it was just chemistry (my fave subject). Once I followed enough recipes I felt confident enough to freestyle. It was like learning the alphabet/ hiragana characters before writing haiku.

I teach numerology and palmistry much the same. I share tried and trusted processes, keep things simple and then encourage leaps of faith.

To learn more, see my downloadable numerology and intuition classes. It’s easier than you think to find your purpose. Just follow your gut.

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