22 Affirmations for Those Who See 11:11

November 11, 2017 0

Happy 11/11 my fellow See’rs! We’re on the brink of extraordinary change. It’s been a tumultuous and thrilling energetic transition these past few months. Can you feel the shift in frequency? We’re being upgraded to a […]

Why Do I See 11:11 on Clocks? Part Two

March 18, 2013 0

Continuing on from my last post Why Do I See 11:11 on Clocks? Part One, here are the words I’ve analysed as a psychic reader that add up to 11 in numerology (see the alphabet […]

Why Do I See 11:11 on Clocks? Part One

March 18, 2013 0

For my psychic reading clients who’ve asked me about seeing 11:11, this one’s for you!! Well, aside from the fact that it’s that time of day…because it wants you to wake up! Consider the following…Why […]

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