Spiritual Thoughts on Aspergers (ASD), plus Hannah Gadsby, a 29/11 Life Path Spiritual Messenger

A few people have said I am autistic recently in public forums. I would like to clarify this point.

To confirm, I am not diagnosed Aspie but have extensively explored the possibility in this post, Thoughts on Asperger’s Syndrome, Anorexia and Psychic Ability – Part 1 of 2

I prefer the term ESP-ie (which I made up) or ASD to Aspergers, for now.

After researching Hans Asperger (a 27/9 lifepath Old Soul) and his connections to the Nazis and child euthanasia, I will be refraining from using ‘Asperger’s’. I can see why they have transitioned to ‘ASD’.

I also want to honour Lorna Wing, whose work on autism is extraordinary. She was a a 28/10/1 lifepath Pioneer whose autistic daughter, Susie, was born at Lorna’s lifepath turning point age of 28. Lorna brought Asperger’s work to light – some people believe she underrated her own contribution.

Thanks for your support and understanding xx 

As an aside, I highly recommend watching Hannah Gadsby’s stand up comedy and talks about being autistic. She is a 29/11/2 lifepath Spiritual Messenger like myself, whose career took off around her lifepath turning point age of 29. An example of her hilarious work is below.

Also see her TED2019 talk and don’t forget to find your lifepath

FYI, I have dabbled in stand up comedy, here is my set from 2015. No surprise, comedy has a 29/11 numerology, the same as wisdom and light.

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Many 29/11/2 lifepath Spiritual Messengers have intense relationships with their mothers, which inspire them to go into public, often humanitarian careers.
Image from my Aspergers blog post. Also see my Karmic 14 numerology post for tips.

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