How to Choose a Psychic – Why Having a Reading is Like Buying Wine

I’ve been travelling a lot, and had time to think about what makes a good psychic reading and how to ensure you pick a great reader. Here’s the results of my cosmic ‘fermentation’! I’m often asked, does a psychic reading work if you don’t believe in it? My answer to this question is ‘Maybe’. If you don’t believe in something you’re less likely to do anything with it.

For example, if your doctor prescribes you a medicine and you don’t like the taste you may conveniently forget to take a few doses and then not experience the intended result. Similarly, if crucial information comes through in your reading (like “please take a holiday in July because you’re going to be flat out in September”) and you ignore it then the reading will not have much of a benefit.

With a little imagination, you could compare choosing a psychic reading to choosing a bottle of wine. (I am not condoning heavy drinking folks, it’s just a metaphor!) Why? Because:

1) Reputation is important, so please read what’s on the label (or a reader’s website!)
Just as it takes an experienced winemaker and good growing conditions to produce a top wine, it takes a spiritually mature psychic with a positive attitude to produce a life-affirming reading. There are no shortcuts to success, otherwise Mount Everest would be covered with partying backpackers. Repeated effort is what sets a professional apart from a beginner.

You see, a first-time winemaker can fluke a good batch but it takes study and experimentation for them to produce a top drop every year.  Similarly, with a little training and talent anyone can deliver a jaw-dropping reading but unless they keep practicing and raising their consciousness (through prayer and self-healing) their results will fade over time. Trust me, I figured this one out through trial and error!

It’s not about being a snob, but taking the time to do a little research before you go to someone (unless of course you like impulse shopping!) For example, someone with experience at expos is someone you can trust to perform under pressure at an event etc.

2) Some things are best saved for special occasions
There are times to have a psychic reading, and times when it would be better to wait. If your favourite reader has just broken their arm and/ or you are sick, hungover, or exhausted, the session is not going to be much fun. You might as well drink expensive champagne while getting a root canal. It’s going to be messy. This is the main reason I don’t do last-minute readings, because it’s harder to give someone the big picture when they are highly emotional.

If you don’t feel you need a reading right now, then don’t let someone talk you into it (even me!) Psychic readings are like a nice wine – a glass or two sometimes can be fun, but if you have them all the time it becomes an addiction. I have no desire to attract negative karma by becoming your drug of choice, so please keep me as an occasional treat!

You’ll have a much more exciting life if you invest the time in finding your own answers, be it through keeping a diary or going to a spiritual development class. Taking responsibility really is the key to success and feeling powerful in your own body. This is why I prefer to read for people every 3, 6 or 12 months rather than more frequently.

3) You can’t judge it without experiencing it
It’s all very well to pick a great looking bottle of wine, but that doesn’t always mean it will taste the way you expect it to. Similarly, although it does pay to look up a reader, there’s only so much you can compare them to other people. This is not a well-regulated industry, so it can be a case of buyer, take care. That’s why I’m so open on this website about what I do, because I know it will attract similarly honest and courageous people. I try not to take criticism from sceptics too seriously,  especially if someone hasn’t actually had a reading with me. However feedback from clients is always very precious to me and I do what I can to address it quickly.

4) Different situations call for different choices
You don’t drink red and white wine at the same time (unless you’re very thirsty). You pick a wine depending on the meal you’re eating, right? Choosing a psychic is much the same process. Some people go to psychic mediums (who connect with passed over loved ones), others like to see palmists and numerologists like me. It just depends on what’s going on for them at the time – wanting to talk to their deceased Dad, is very different to someone wanting to know what month to switch careers. I am a detailed, precise reader who gives timings and explains everything, that’s why I attract so many business people and scientific/ technical types.

I don’t dilute what comes through, I pass it on!  In that way I’m more like a bottle of vodka than a bottle of wine because you get a strong dose of spirit(s) when you come to see me 🙂

5) The more you pay, the better quality you get (usually*)
If you go into a bottle shop, you pay more for a rare type of wine than a more widely produced one. The reason is that the rare wine takes more effort to produce.For each person who comes to see me for a private reading, I set aside 25 to 60 minutes to tune in, prepare your chart and research any anomalies that show up. It takes me time and concentration to write out your reading before you arrive. I’ve also spent more than 11 years studying palmistry to ensure you have an inspiring experience when we go through your hands.

Apart from that, setting a higher value for readings also means that I attract clients who take my work seriously. No one would buy a cheap Ferrari because they would assume there was something wrong with it. My prices also give me a chance to donate to more of my favourite causes and charities. *I say usually because the psychic world is a very word-of-mouth arena – if people don’t like what you do you will hear about it! That means that readers who are $150+ a session like myself are reliable, they have to be due to market competition.

6) Some people just don’t dig readings/ wine
Some people aren’t into wine. Some people don’t like psychic readings. That’s cool with me.When I was vegetarian, I used to get hassled by non-vegetarians all the time. They would say “What’s wrong with you? You need to eat meat!”. My reply was always “Hey I’m helping you out mate – you get to eat all the meat I don’t touch!” I have one body and I can only help a certain number of people in my lifetime. So I might as well concentrate on those who love what I do, because they will support me to keep going.

Just as plants grow towards the sun, people lift their game in response to genuine praise, not criticism, although criticism has its own value. No one rises to low expectations. Having worked in telephone fundraising for years, I know that a few complaints are good because they mean that you are pushing people out of their comfort zones and giving 100%.

So – next time you go to choose a psychic for a reading, remember that it’s a lot like choosing what to drink with a meal – sometimes it’s worth taking a risk and trying someone new. At other times it may be safer to go with a reader you know and love. You’ll never know until they open the (psychic message in the) bottle whether it was a good call or not! It’s all part of strengthening your intuition and self-trust. Have fun choosing and good luck xx

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