Is there Life after Death? A Kookaburra Spirit Bird Visit

Is there life after death? I never believed in it until 2016. After my friend Butterfly died of cancer at the too-young age of 44, she sent this Kookaburra to us. She was a Master 33/6 lifepath and very psychic.

You can see the video of the Kookaburra below (it ‘talks’ to me when I ask if it is Butterfly – this is the only time it opened its mouth in the entire visit). It also let me pat it and stayed for 40 minutes.

Video showing a spirit message from a Kookaburra. Language warning.

For the sceptics – we had never seen this bird before and it never visited again except the day after my friend died.

Her daughter later confirmed Kookaburra was her mother’s totem. She used to imitate its call to round up her kids.

I sent this link to a supporter Janine this week, whose father just died. Here is what she wrote back:

“Hi Sarah….I just really wanted to thank you for sharing your kookaburra post with me. So beautiful and undoubtedly a visit from your friend….How amazing with the vegan comment too!

Brought tears to my eyes. My partner (also named Kris and a 27/9) also had a dream prior to my dad’s passing when we think he might have left his physical body as well…

So your post truly resonates and has really helped me connect some signs together. As a 21/3 lifepath I’m trying to take care of my inner child while grieving, and your posts on my life path have also been very helpful.

There are many synchronicities between us with things you have shared and I’m sure that’s a sign I’m learning things from you which will help me on my path as well.

I’m just so grateful to you for sharing your gifts, guidance, healing and your light ♥️ thank you so much for listening and for all of your help…have a wonderful day!!”

Janine, it is pleasure to know you and I wish you so much peace and rest. My son Charlie is a 21/3 Angel lifepath too.

Comments like yours make the late nights of blogging / motherhood juggle worth the effort. Thank you.

P.S. Caroline Byrd​​ has a great book on the afterlife and mediumship, called Life, Death and the Birth of Truth. She is my spiritual mentor of 11 years.

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