Happy 2nd Birthday Charlie!

Charlie birthday cake

Part 1 – Whoa!!! That moment you let your son choose a program on his birthday and he picks a show about birthday cake! It even has 3 candles, see story below. Charlie has always been a self-congratulator. ⁣

The day he first walked, he clapped himself before we could. Whenever he succeeds, he says ‘yay!’ even if it was just opening a jar lid. No surprise that he has lots of earth and fire in his astrology as he is a really grounded firecracker of a kid, always getting up to mischief then cleaning it up before I can get mad.⁣

I call him my little Macgyver as he is a daredevil who loves fixing stuff and gadgets…then I realised Richard Dean Anderson is also a 21/3 Angel lifepath…so cool. Find your lifepath

Funny tale. I bought Charlie a ‘3’ candle for his cake even though he is turning two. D’oh. Clearly I am better at lifepaths than mummying sometimes. Hence the ‘1 1’ sparklers on his case, best I could do. ⁣

Charlie you are the magic in our lives and we love you. Btw, excuse the mess in the background peeps, we move house this weekend so it’s all a bit ‘artistic’.

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Charlie birthday cake

Part 2 – Fearless! Today marks two years since Charlie returned to Earth. Born 30/8/2017 he’s a 21/3 Angel lifepath, here to bring (he)art and sound healing. ⁣

If he’d landed a day earlier he’d be a 29/11 like me. A day later, a 22/4. But he didn’t want to be a Master Number lifepath, with its double urgency. He came here to party!⁣

Both Fear and Peace have 21/3 energy. Destroying your fear is the ‘fare’ (price) you pay for calm. I was scared of having kids 18mths apart. Scared of tearing again. Scared of taking two years off my business. Yet we did it, and I went from being a ‘scared’-y cat to a ‘sacred’ tiger mother (love that book). ⁣

Now, I’m glad Charlie tailgated Forrest. I am more confident as a mum because I know for sure that babies bring a spiritual ‘dowry’, aka new ideas, $$$ and ppl to support their arrival. ⁣

True story. Charlie kept ripping at this tiger on my vision board (Tiger adds to 32/5, the same as Power). One day he shredded it!! When I got annoyed, I heard a voice say ‘no more paper tigers’, so I Googled it.⁣

A paper tiger is someone that seems all mighty but has no teeth to back up their threats. This ancient Chinese phrase was popularised by Mao (a 32/5 Rebel like Hitler. If you are a 5, don’t stress!!! Spiritual freedom fighters like J.K Rowling are also this path, it simply gives you a big reach). ⁣

Wow. Since being cut from mainstream media, I have avoided publicity. But with Charlie by my side, I feel an urge to have a column again. So finding this Calvin and Hobbes strip cracked me up! ⁣

Bill Watterson is a 35/8 Boss lifepath who drew his first comic at his childhood lifepath turning point of 8 then withdrew to paint from 35-37yo. He fought to raise standards for artists and I respect him so much.

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Connect with us
Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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