My 11:11 and Repeating Numbers Bonanza!

5s help you feel alive! So, I often see a few repeating numbers a day but in the past 48 hours it’s been 11:11, 12:21, 12:34, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 4:04, 5:05, 6:06, 7:07, 9:11, even my birthday (271) and more. I know because I keep a diary.

That only happens a few times a year, when I’m on the edge of a major consciousness shift.

After researching 11:11 for years through thousands of readings, I know it’s not so important what each number means as the fact the Universe is yelling numbers at you!! The Matrix is real, folks.

I’m sure I’m seeing a bonanza of codes because I finally connected the trauma of Ziggy’s birth (5 weeks of flashbacks) to my near-miss in the 2004 tsunami – similar life/ death panic, ppl running at me and waters breaking / being flooded experience…I only had a couple of healings after that event and I think it’s time to clear the heart debris still left.

Am working on Ziggy’s birth story blog but wanted to share this with you in case you’re also seeing heaps of codes.

It’s a full moon in Libra atm, and my moon is in Libra. Huge opportunity to clear mother and mothering issues plus find emotional balance.

Btw I am seeing 5s everywhere! Here’s a photo of the latest hilarity.

2021 is a Universal 5 Year of Radical Truth and Freedom and we’re being tested on our throat (5th) chakras as a society right now. See your 2021 forecast webinar or my 11:11 clocks page at sarahyip (dot) com for more.

Can you live and let live?
Can you see both sides?
Can you speak up even when others have fallen silent or threaten violence?

Your voice is your power. Use it wisely. Use it often. Use it to change Earth’s frequency.

It only takes one person to fracture the illusion.

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