A Reminder to be Kinder – Quaden’s Worldwide Tribe

A Reminder to Be Kinder! Loving my shirt from Quaden’s Worldwide Tribe, screen printed by his aunt Kaiyu with proceeds going to a future First Nations foundation.

On the back, it has a glow in the dark print, ‘what kind of ancestor will you be?’ So appropriate as our shoulders contain all the ‘shoulds’ we carry energetically. In Chinese body reading their shape also shows your assertiveness and leadership potential.

Sending best wishes to Quaden and Yarraka Bayles for his upcoming treatments. May they go smoothly. Love you all x 1111.

Order your shirt or cap online at the official Quaden’s Worldwide Tribe site.

Please note, all other Quaden merchandise online is likely to be made by copycats. Also, I paid for all products, this is not an ad.


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