Thank You Vex King, Master 33/6 Life Path and Writer

Gratitude to Vex King for sharing my work!

He is a 33/6 lifepath Master Healer and popular inspirational writer. Just found out he shared my Find Your Lifepath page with thousands of ppl on his Instagram @ vexking along with this quote.

33/6s are one of my core groups of clients, even though they are around 5% of the population (at a guesstimate).

That’s a lot of extra Souls joining the 11:11 fun. Thank you for believing in the Oneness dude. Look forwards to reading your book soon!

Find him on Facebook at Vex King
Find his book Good Vibes Good Life on his Vex King website

#vexking #thankyou #33lifepath #master33 #336 #numerology
#thenumbersqueen #sarahyip


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