Top Gun: Maverick – Spiritual Movie Review

Movie review for Top Gun: Maverick! Kris Anderson and I enjoyed this sequel, which has come out 36 years after the original. Enjoyed this post? Comment on Facebook or Instagram. 1 Sept 2022 update – after further researching Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Scientology I’m going to recommend 7 Signs Of Spiritual Whitewashing – How To Avoid New Age Silliness! as a backup to my comments below. I’ll keep this review up for now, but have to admit I’m less of a fan now…

10 Hits & Misses for Me:

1) As a 28/10/1 life path Pioneer in numerology, Tom Cruise is in his zone in this role. After all ‘hero’ has a 28/10/1 energy too. He’s sensitive (2) and authoritative (8) in ways which blaze a trail (1).

2) Watching Kris have a blast made my day. Kris is a 28/10/1 as well and wanted to be a fighter pilot when he was younger. Find your life path

3) Miles Teller is well cast as ‘Rooster’, who has a son-like role to Tom’s character with a tragic backstory. As a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger, Miles has the complex, charismatic energy typical of 11s (who are over- represented in Hollywood!) Famous 11 Life Paths

4) Loved Jennifer Connelly as Tom’s on-off partner, who owns a bar. She is 51, he is 59 so there was no weird age gap cringiness.

As a 23/5 life path Rebel she’s hilarious (when Tom insults her, she rings a bell that means everyone gets free drinks on him until she says stop…)

5) Punchy dialogue, lots of realistic action plus a respectful depiction of women. I liked the lack of blood, death and gore…

So yeah, the idea of needing a big team to be a high flyer appealed to my 11:11 Starseed nature.

6) Hard not to see it as an ad for the Navy (that said, many of my clients are ex-Defence.)

7) I am craving more action movies apart from Wonder Woman, where women talk TO each other, not just to men or about men…

8) Scientology puts me off Tom but I find his movies inspiring. So I wrestle with that part. After seeing Top Gun I did a years’ worth of gardening the next week plus restarted my palmistry school. At the same time, I ponder on all the cults out there. 7 Signs of Spiritual Whitewashing

9) Booked the wrong tickets, so ended up paying $108 to see the movie. Ouch. Well, 108 is a Buddhist number so it was a lesson in non-attachment.

10) The environmental scientist in me found the expensive planes annoying. I wish we had a planet where more money went on art than war…

In conclusion, Top Gun: Maverick is a fun break from reality. Just take it with a dose of salt (-y popcorn). And use the buzz afterwards for good deeds!

Finished this post at 10:10. All is well xx


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