Weekly Tarot & 11:11 Numerology Forecast for 18 Nov

My weekly Tarot & 11:11 numerology forecast is up (32min)! Watch it now on Facebook (I reply to all comments), or YouTube.

Weekly forecast from Sarah Yip, The Numbers Queen 11:11.

What we cover:

2021 is a 5 Universal Year for throat (5th) chakra healing – this is the number of the rebel and the star who tells the truth and brings hope to all

4:32: My seagull and burger epiphany – you can keep waiting for sh*t to happen or just enjoy your meal (life)

5:52 My 7 hour trip to see wise women elders – some people are worth the effort, while others are just drains. The quicker you sort out who’s your gold vs kryptonite, the faster we stop holding back and Earth can lift off.

8:00 1 day left to book into my spiritual money webinar – the quirky things coming up as I tune in for the class. Changes to Patreon announced – you can still join for 5 USD a month for Nov/ Dec/ Jan then the basic tier will be 11 USD. I’ve also opened up 6 mentoring spots for 11:11 See’rs!

9:34 My 3 step process for manifestation and creating wishlists. Please, stop spamming God – after you ask for what you want, meditate to receive the next steps, then act on the answers.

18:08 Tarot forecast for the week ahead. 6 Wands – humanity has passed a finish line – Medieval/ pagan/ feasting energy is coming back, 5 cups – take it easy, we’re digesting massive change so prioritise self-care, 9 cups – don’t wait for permission to go to Heaven, ‘a man is not a plan!’

22:11 Viewer Q&A: lifepath queries, 1111, 222 and 444 codes, how to find other Starseeds: ‘two men looked through the prison bars; one saw mud, the other stars’ (Frederick Langridge)

25:36 555 and funny story about contacting my lifepath 5 friends on my personal 5 days – Find your personal year and lifepath

29:59 Money has the same vibration as breath – it’s a nutrient like light, water and food that you need for happiness!

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