11:11 Angels Tier opened in Patreon (6 mentoring places)

Before I go on leave, I am opening up a small number of mentoring spots for 2021. The 11:11 Angels program includes 12 group calls/ year and 5 x 1on1 calls / year to help you integrate numerology and high frequency energy into your work. Here’s who this is for and what you’ll receive…

Who this is for: People wanting to kickstart a spiritual business or revamp their current one. Also suitable if you want to integrate ethical, high-level spirituality (especially intuition, manifestation, energy clearing and numerology) into your career. This will ensure maximum energetic and financial flow over the long-term.

This mentoring is for current clients (who have seen me for a psychic reading) and limited spots (6 max) are available due to the intensive nature of the calls. There are no contracts due to my pregnancy status and the fact this is the first time I’m running mentoring in this format.

Through this program, I’ll help you to become an 11:11 Angel in human form. 11 looks like an equals sign connecting Heaven and Earth or a temple gate. It’s all about finding the middle pathway and creating infinite peace. That’s why I call 11:11 the double peace signs from above!

If you have been following my work and believe in the power of numerology to radically transform lives and generate compassion, this mentoring will help you take the leap of faith in the next stage of 11:11 awakening to become a public influencer and community creator.

Who this is not for: If you are still a sceptic towards psychic phenomena, numerology and intuition. I’d encourage you to explore my weekly forecasts and downloadable classes first, before joining this type of program. It’s better to build a strong foundation before pressuring yourself to change realities. The mind and body take time to sustainably up-level.

How to join: Please, sign up for the 11:11 Angels tier via Patreon and/ or contact me with your interest. You can change tiers as needed e.g. when I am on maternity leave, however please note this will open up your place again. I am planning to share content while on leave to ensure you are still getting value, and may also organise guest speakers.

What’s included in the 11:11 Angels tier:
-personal welcome email from Sarah with thank you image & your lifepath
-early invitations to readings, webinars and events
-Patreon only discounts (including early access to readings and events)
-access to a private Facebook group
-access to interview transcripts not available elsewhere

-group video Q&A calls with Sarah every 6-8 weeks, on 11:11, numerology, psychic development, energy clearing and protection, palmistry, Tarot, dreams and other topics. Replays are uploaded to the group. Each of these calls is worth AU$99+.

-group video Q&A calls with Sarah every month on creating a public presence, including marketing, networking, public speaking, ethical pricing, blogging, website, media and interview tips plus opportunities to be profiled by Sarah on her blog and YouTube Channel. Replays are uploaded to the group. Each of these mentoring calls is worth AU$220+.

The goal of these calls is to help you create a new spiritual business / revamp your current one in line with the 11:11 frequencies of global healing. This will ensure maximum energetic and financial flow over the long-term. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement upon joining due to the nature of what Sarah shares in these calls. 

-welcome Zoom or phone call with Sarah upon joining within 3-6 weeks of you joining this tier. Each of these 1 hour calls is worth AU$396+
-quarterly Zoom or phone call with Sarah to keep you on track. Each of these 1 hour calls is worth AU$396+ 
-private access to customised VIP trainings and bonus offers.

Draft timetable for 11:11 Angels tier members (subject to change)

Month 1 (December 2020 tbc) Welcome call with Sarah – we’ll update your 12 month forecast, connect you with your Higher Self and the spirit of your business, plus discuss intentions and goals. Group call – clearing your throat chakra, fear of being seen and finding your voice.

Month 2 (January 2021) Group call – gathering your community/ tribe.

Month 3 (February 2021) Call with Sarah (please note, baby no.3 is due 28 February) – we’ll clear baggage around your family/ partners/ social circle and any fears of going higher in life. Group call – structuring a sustainable spiritual business (includes discussion of pricing and service offerings).

Month 4 (March 2021) Group call – structuring a sustainable spiritual business continued (includes business numerology analysis)

Month 5 (April 2021) Group call – creating a public presence online.

Month 6 (May 2021) Call with Sarah – we’ll review the energy of your public offerings e.g. website, blog, social media and open up the connections for global community generation. Group call – review and reset

Month 7 (June 2021) Group call – topic tbc
Month 8 (July 2021) Group call – topic tbc
Month 9 (August 2021) Call with Sarah. Group call – topic tbc
Month 10 (September 2021) Group call – topic tbc
Month 11 (October 2021) Group call – topic tbc
Month 12 (November 2021) Call with Sarah. Group call – topic tbc

The investment is USD330/ month, with discounts available for advance payments. If you’d like to discuss this further, please email Sarah and check out my Patreon. I look forwards to hearing from you soon.

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