Our Magical Stradbroke Island Family Holiday

Magical photos and stories from our family trip to Stradbroke Island! Photos and comments are from Facebook: The Numbers Queen

First proper holiday in years! Ziggy Starbump (pregnancy) is now half-baked and kicking heaps. Being a self-employed family is a constant juggle. So it was a joy to go to Stradbroke for 4 nights for a friend’s wedding. I rarely switch off, but the beach was so spectacular, it was impossible not to relax.

This trip gave Kris and I a chance to celebrate the last 5 years of parenting and prepare ourselves for the next instalment. Looking forwards to the adventure. I hope you’ve had some lucky breaks recently, or will have them soon.

Mercury retrograde from 14 Oct (for 3 weeks) is a lovely time to catch up with your loved ones (in person or virtually), and visit favourite places like the beach. Make sure you rest as pushing yourself will backfire!!

Is the fear of heights natural? Not always. Our 3 and 4yo climbed this 10m structure no problems. I’ve got a fear of heights but Kris is cool with them (he films on scaffolds on windy football fields).

Research suggests people with a fear of heights have more physical and other balance issues (true for me). It’s hard to know if the fear gets worse due to avoiding exposure, but I’m sure that contributes. Courage is like a muscle you need to keep building, even if you are born with a big reserve.

Having kids has healed a lot of ideas I had about life. I used to think kids were blank slates but now I know they come with Soul templates and purpose. I don’t need to preach to them, it’s more about respecting their inner direction, especially with the new kids born 2000- (see this webinar).

Btw, check out these cute pics of the kids, Kris and the 11:11 trees at the playground. 11+11 = 22 the vibration of the word Trees. So 11:11 is a forest of equals growing up to the light.

Lots of Spirit signs like this our whole trip! Constantly saw 555 (the code for 2021, a Universal 5 Year of Change).

Stayed in house 33. Read two books by 33/6 lifepaths. Even our microwave could only heat in increments of 11 (e.g. 11, 22, 33 sec)!

Forrest fun! Playground has a 52/7 numerology, the same as Gardening and Depression. When I’m feeling low, going on the swings and slides at parks always helps. It really soothes the inner child and reminds you that pleasure is free. Being outside gets you out of your head.

While on holiday this week at Stradbroke, we found an enchanting tree the boys loved. You can tell when play areas have been made for kids’ enjoyment or council compliance. It’s like homemade cookies vs store bought. This park opposite @pointlookoutbowlsclub is special, see my other post about its 11:11 trees! Thanks Kris for the wonderful trip and photos.

North Gorge Walk. Medicine for the aching Soul. Water, Trees and Angels have a 22/4 numerology, the vibration of emotional healing (also 2020’s theme). Surrounding yourself with glorious scenery (in person or through photos) lifts your vibration so you can feel the heart of the Universe.

Move from aloneness to all oneness now. You are love. You come from love, you move through love and you will return to love. This is the prayer I always say to my kids and now I’m sharing it with you. Blessings to you.

Recommended Places to Visit on Stradbroke Island
The Blue Room Cafe (has a wonderful health food shop next door)
Hillhouse Accommodation (super cosy ocean-view home, we will be back!)
Point Lookout Markets (highly recommended, many quirky stalls)
North Gorge Walk (magnificent scenery and photo opportunities)

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