My Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) visit, Hong Kong (May 2023)

There are many steps to enlightenment! The Tian Tan Buddha, can be reached by climbing 268 stairs. It’s one of the largest seated outdoor bronze statues of its kind. Incredibly beautiful.

The day we went, l had 30 minutes to go up and down. Not easy in the heat, but well worth it.
Buddha has a 22/4 Master Builder and Heart Healer energy.

Seeing 22’s is a sign to cultivate calm, honour your feelings and create longer-term relationships (here’s a related post on 222 numerology).

I took time to stop and smell the Lotuses along the way to the top. Lotus has a 15/6 vibration. So it heals the third eye (6th) chakra in both yoga and numerology. August 2023 is a 15/6 month for the planet.

No joke, as I turned on the video, dragonflies appeared. You can hear a guy commenting on them in my Facebook post below. These insects are the animal totems for 11:11 World Changers, the spiritual business program I launched 6 days after returning from Hong Kong.

Gratitude to my father and grandmother for this wonderful trip to see my family.

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2023 is a 7 Universal Year of Miracles and Mayhem. Perfect time for healing your Crown chakra and visiting sacred sites/ bringing the sacred into your daily life. Check out your 2023 forecast (now $22)

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