If your child isn’t eating, look at the energy of their food…

Kids instinctively know what will heal them. They come here to help. They want to live fully. It’s our job as adults to honour their wisdom and combine it with ours. If your child isn’t eating, maybe you need to look at the energy of their food and mealtimes!

Here’s Charlie with cold-pressed guava, mandarin and apple juice we made as a family. I’d never had fresh guava until I saw a bag for $2.50 at Gold Coast Organic Markets yesterday. It has the most beautiful smell. High in vitamin C and fibre, it cleans out the body and boosts your immunity.

After drinking this yummy potion, I had the most amazing new ideas. Woke up this morning and did backyard yoga with the boys at their request (we take turns teaching each other poses). Fruit has a 29/11/2 vibration, the same as Wisdom and Abundance.

Eating juicy, seasonal fruits can reset your sacral chakra (if you have lots of 2 numerology or see 222 this is you!) and remind you that sweetness is your nature. More on 222 numerology codes.

Pleasure, joyful sharing, honesty and high level cooperation creates prosperity and group success much faster than exhaustion, hoarding, secretiveness and doing everything yourself /being the know-it-all.

That mentality just robs others of the chance to learn from you and makes leadership/ ageing even less attractive!

Which means that no one will want to take your place in the world or your family tree. You will feel useful yes, but you’re also teaching miser(l)y.

Spiritual awakening MUST include financial healing to be sustainable.

Capitalism taken to an extreme sells people watered down, marked up juice but never reveals the seeds or location of the tree of life (hint: they are in your body and lower belly)I’m here to help you turn that around.

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