Changing Rolls (Roles) – A Toilet Paper Dilemma

Some people love changing rolls (roles) more than others. And that’s ok. Kris and I have lots of fun together. He’s a 1 life path (odd-ball), I’m an 11/2 (double-oddball). Find your life path

This morning I noticed that he left 2 measly squares of paper on the toilet roll. I’m one of those people who always changes rolls before they end, so the next person doesn’t have to – I often wipe down the loo too. Spot the mum.

Kris is the opposite. He does the bare minimum and thinks it is hilarious when I get annoyed.

‘Kris there’s no toilet paper left.’
‘Sarah, I left a little bit, just for you.’

Over time, I’ve learned to see the perfection in this #firstworldproblem (in China, you have to buy squares of toilet paper in public toilets! In Thailand, they often only had water hoses.)

Kris (a youngest child) has taught me the path of least resistance and that I (an eldest child) tend to micromanage things. Also, that changing rolls/ roles all the time to try and keep the peace is exhausting.

Thanks Kris for being a constant inspiration.

P.S. Toilet paper has a 56/11 numerology, the same as climate change. Perhaps Kris is actually teaching me energy efficiency. Did I mention he’s punctual and I’m not? Probably cos I’m too busy with the small stuff.


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