Baby Ziggy says ‘Hi’ at 8 weeks and ‘Yeah’ at 10 weeks!

Baby Ziggy says hi (literally)! I saw a YouTube of a baby mimicking his mum and tried it out on Mr Old Soul here. It worked. He also tried saying banana this afternoon. Ambitious little dude!

The new kids are twister-chasers. They love a challenge. That’s why they are coming to Earth at her 11th hour of need.

Expect to see 11:11 and repeating numbers if you fall pregnant with a baby or are raising young kids this decade. You’ll also see codes if you have a baby spirit following you and wanting to incarnate. More on psychic kids

These codes are a reminder that you are a multidimensional being who can speak directly to your Soul via numbers and prayer. No need for middlemen to give you permission to go to Heaven any longer.

Did you know? I rarely meet parents (especially mothers) who still deny the existence of intuition. They’ve seen too many miracles to continue doubting that humans are extraordinary.

Sceptics tend to be childless or less creative sorts, who have not yet healed their trust in a greater Go(o)d and kind Mother/ Earth.

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Next post: Baby Ziggy says yeah! Video of my Ziggy song I sing to him daily to connect him to his mission. Also includes a cute chat.

Sarah: How’s it feel being in a human body again, is it good?
Ziggy: Neh (Yeah)

No sound editing done to this clip btw. Babies are smarter than most people think. I wish more parents trusted their intuition with their kids. The world would be a safer, more child-friendly place.

Ziggy is a 9 life path Old Soul, here to explore deep thinking and leadership. Find your life path


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