Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary Kris! Plus – Ziggy Stands Up

Delicious meal on our first trip away from Forrest and Charlie in a year. I’ve waited a long time to eat a plate of hot chips without dividing it into 5 portions…

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Cheers to Ours. Cafe & Goods

Thank you also to our family who minded the boys in Brisbane.

Kris R Anderson it’s been a wonderful 5 years of marriage and 9.5 years of being together.

Here’s to many more decades of adventures, comedy and magic. Love Sarah.

P.s. Ziggy loves looking up at things. Sign of an optimist! (see full-size photo at the end of this blog.)


And just like that, he stands up.

Ziggy made our 5th wedding anniversary an occasion by showing off his latest move.

He looks ready to do martial arts with his Dad and brothers.

At a time of great uncertainty, small victories (and people) can keep us going.

I wish you little miracles today.

Growth happens quickest when we loosen the shoulds and take our time to heal.


Mummy and Daddy booked a room to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
Ziggy had other plans.
On the upside, he can stand on his own, as of today.


See next photo.


9 life paths teach us to let go and embrace the journey…especially if that journey involves pillows!



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