Call Me Lady MacGyver – Rescuing a Ball from a Drain, Mama-Style!

Call me Lady MacGyver. Charlie threw Forrest’s ball in a drain this afternoon. Big problemo. Forrest is a 9 life path and remembers everything (note how the 9 symbol has a big brain?!) Find your life path

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I knew I had to get it back or face years of ”Charlie lost my favourite ball”. So Lilavati Hou (our friend and carer) and I got creative.

I took a broken light stand, taped a bag to it, lowered it down the drain by the power cord, and whacked the ball in with a broomstick. Success!

Funny enough, some teenage boys walked past as I was preparing to do this, and I almost backed out in embarrassment. I was like ‘they will think I’m an idiot’. But I persevered and they didn’t even notice.

By the time I got home, it was 4.44pm, a beautiful code for heart healing, step by step success, trusting your team and being in sync with the Divine plan. Learn more about 11:11 and repeating numbers

Gave the ball to the kids and less than 5 minutes later, it had been thrown into the neighbour’s garden. Argh.

#mumlife, huh. Non-attachment is the new black.

On the plus side, we then met the new neighbour’s son (see my last post). Charlie and Forrest also think I am a bona fide genius, woop!

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