Three Amigos Reunited – My Starseed Children / Old Souls

Three amigos reunited! Forrest, Ziggy and Charlie are Old Souls (they’ve been to Earth many times) as is Kris. They all have either 9 life paths or 9 Destiny (name) numbers, which is the Old Soul frequency. Find your life path

Interestingly, no one has ever said I’m an Old Soul (and I have met thousands of people). Based on past life and life between lives regressions, I’m more of a Starseed /Star person who only comes to Earth every so often.

Could be why I have good psychic ability (connection to other realms) but find having a body complicated.

See this blog for traits of Star people (hint, they love gazing at the night sky, often have sensitivities/ addictive tendencies, high intuition and wake up calls at ages 13-14).

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