My BridgeClimb While Pregnant! Why Action Is The Most Spiritual Path

SarahYip_BridgeClimbBrisbanePregnant_WithKrisWant to do the Story BridgeClimb? Go for it. I just went at 20 weeks pregnant! Kris and I booked in, after my friend Penny gave us a Redballoon voucher as a wedding gift. I was also inspired by poet Ross Clark’s photo of his climb. Ross is a Master 29/11 lifepath like me – we’re here to teach double courage, new beginnings and action. Find your lifepath.

I won’t lie. Climbing 1138 steps when you’re halfway through pregnancy is a big deal. Fortunately, I am scared of heights, so I practically ran the whole way and barely noticed my sore calves until 48 hours later *wry grin*.

Why I Did BridgeClimb While Pregnant
-I’d been feeling gloomy lately, as I’m sleeping a lot in between psychic readings, looking after Forrest, and haven’t been able to go out much. From experience, I know you need to bust a bad mood before sinks too deep, so one day in the car I had a yell and said ‘Sarah, it’s time to do something scary again. You’re just going in circles…what’s left on that bucket list? We need a jump start ASAP!’

After a few moments, I ruled out going to Hawaii (need to save more), getting a dog (need to have second baby first), and jumping out of a plane (ditto). So I was left with ‘climbing something tall’. As the Eiffel tower is bit far away, I felt that the Story Bridge would be a great substitute.

By the time I decided, I was 20 weeks pregnant. The cutoff for doing Brisbane BridgeClimb is 21 weeks!! So Kris and I were lucky (or destined) to get places on the Friday night tour, enabling me to climb at 20 weeks and 6 days…talk about last-minute! Well, it is Mercury Retrograde after all.

Pros and Cons of Doing BridgeClimb While Pregnant

It calmed me down and reset my courage. I feel more prepared to give birth for a second time. I had been freaking out about this, and needed to reclaim my power. Before going up the Story Bridge, I looked at photos of Forrest’s waterbirth, from the day he was born. As Kris said, ‘if you can give birth, you can walk up some stairs.’ Funny enough, the day after I did BridgeClimb, Forrest started walking – we’re so energetically linked that each time I evolve, so does he!

More pluses, were that I got to have a date with Kris, plus everyone applauded me at the end of night. So cool. I also started sleeping better and doing many tasks I was procrastinating on (like scrubbing the bath, and filing my taxes). Climbing a bridge left me feeling pumped to deal with the annoying stuff in life that I usually avoid!

Oh – and the view at night is amazing!! I felt like an eagle on a tower, instead of a very pregnant human, at least for the two hours of the tour. I also got confirmation that it was the right decision. My friend Margaret (who is a psychic 7 lifepath in numerology), drove across the bridge that night, and looked up at the time I was climbing (she didn’t know this until later). When I went to meditation that evening with Caroline Byrd, Margaret said ‘I was just saying to Caroline, I never look up while driving across the Story Bridge, but I did tonight! I was thinking – wow those people are brave…’ I said ‘your Spidey-sense is awesome! I must have been vibing you.’ 

It was uncomfortable and scary, at times. I had to unzip my suit and run to the bathroom just before we did the climb (embarrassing). Even though I am measuring small, my belly barely fit into the XL-sized suit. No wonder the cut off is 21 weeks! I thought I would run out of puff, but the climb wasn’t much harder than my yoga class or running after Forrest. I had to stop a few times to breathe and relax, because of my fear of heights. Luckily, the tour leader Molly put me at the front so I could talk to her instead of looking down all the time. She was a wonderful help.

In Conclusion

I highly recommend doing BridgeClimb, whether you’re pregnant or not. It’s such an achievement, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut. As they say, you have to use it or lose it. Action is one of the most spiritual paths we can take (a quote I read by Elizabeth Peru).

There’s no point doing affirmations, visualising success and talking about your dreams if you never get off your butt!! We chose a human body to have a physical experience, so staying fit is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

A truly wise person knows that balance takes daily commitment.
Seeing 11:11 can be a sign that you need to align your:
Emotional, and
Spiritual Health.

Until you invest in all four areas, your results in life will be shaky, like a bridge missing its pillars.
Where do you need to start climbing hurdles, and building bridges again?

Tips: If you need direction, my latest Angel Meditation connects you to your Guides and power – it’s just $11.11 to download.

Taking Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) can also help. Try Space Clearing Spray and Emergency Essence if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed – these essences ‘cut energetic cords’ gently and instantly.

I’ve been taking the ABFE White Light Essence – Water to overcome phobias. Doing BridgeClimb showed me that I’ve come a loooong way since the days when I could barely cross the street. See my psychic reading for ABFE Founder Ian White. I’ll blog on the White Light Essences soon. I also like the Tribe of the Tree range, especially Dragon Slayer essence.

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