Your Soul-Body Ratio Explained – With Toothpaste!

Toothpaste is my favourite analogy for Soul-body ratio. When you incarnate, you choose your family, country, lifepath, Soulmates, major themes and most importantly, how much of your Soul energy will live in your physical body. Other details are left open.

More Soul energy = more psychic ability, faith and connection to the Universe but less strength and resilience to daily things. Basically, leaving more toothpaste (miracles and Divine intervention) in the tube for emergency withdrawal.

Less Soul energy = less psychic knowing but extra stamina and capacity to deal with reality. Leaving less toothpaste in the tube, hoping or knowing you won’t need it.

Most Souls choose a ratio somewhere in the middle, for obvious reasons. During my self-guided trance regressions, I was shown I chose a much frailer body structure in order to maximise my opportunity to become a spiritual guide.

It was a big risk. I have had major health issues from birth and nearly fell off the perch a few times now. But here I am still kicking along at 39…phew!

I would honestly not wish the first 29 years of my life on anyone given a conscious choice. (I am a 29/11/2 Life Path Spiritual Messenger, so my lifepath age turning point was 29, when I took up numerology!).

Until then, I experienced so much trauma, betrayal, self doubt and anxiety. But the last decade has brought practically everything I wanted.

From now on in my numerology chart / Soul contract, it’s fairly cruisey as long as I manage my mental and physical bits and bobs, especially the asthma.

I work with a lot of Souls who took an extreme approach this lifetime. I love it. Their life histories are often like a movie and I never get bored going to work.

Hope you enjoyed this foray into the cosmic backdrop. You are not an accident, no matter what your parents said 😉 You are a lovingly created walking blessing, here to find your next step as a Soul! Find your lifepath

P.S. I’m holding Red Seal toothpaste, my favourite – good for sensitive teeth, affordable, natural and a yummy taste!

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